Voting in elections is the most important, but the ways of getting involved in the DPBC are limitless. Subscribing to the DPBC’s newsletters and checking our Events Calendar to find local events for you to join is a good start.

Also, volunteering and donating ensures a strong DPBC. It’s your party. Your participation and leadership is essential to our success. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator to let us know how you can most effectively participate. Together, we’ll make that happen

Precincts and Wards

Precincts are your community. Drawn by the County Clerk and Secretary of State based on census tracts, precincts are sections of the county of roughly equal populations. Precincts are the foundational areas of our democracy. They are the basis of electoral democracy, from municipal to national representation.

The DPBC and DPNM draw wards by organizing and grouping multiple precincts into a manageable organization. In Bernalillo County, wards are comprised of roughly five precincts, but that varies. Bernalillo County has 607 precincts organized into 64 wards.

In the DPBC, each ward and precinct has a chair who represents and coordinate the voters within their area. Some chairs have vice-chairs, and they coordinate with block captains and neighborhood activists to ensure that everyone within their areas has an active role in our democracy.

Neighborhoods sometimes overlap precincts and wards, so get to know your surrounding precincts and wards. After the next census, the precinct and ward boundaries may change, which makes knowing your neighborhood and community is all the more important.

Precinct and Ward Chairs

Precinct and ward chairs are your grassroots representatives and coordinators in the DPBC. They represent our neighborhoods and communities. They are your representatives in the Democratic Party. Many become delegates at conventions, voting for candidates, resolutions, rules, and policies on your behalf. Ultimately, they serve you.

In the DPBC, each precinct and ward chair is elected by registered Democrats like you in the Spring of odd-numbered years to prepare for general elections is even-numbered years. Get to know them. They work for you.

Some chairs have vice-chairs. With the help of community activists like you, they coordinate with block captains and neighborhood activists to ensure that everyone within their areas has a voice and role in our democracy. Together, we are the muscle and backbone of the DPBC. The precinct and ward chairs need your help in reaching and organizing your neighbors. You elect them to serve you and they need your help in getting the Democratic Party elected and ensuring that our values are represented in government.