Ask yourself, “What do I do best?”
Whatever your natural talents or abilities, we can use them.
That’s how you can best help the DPBC!

If you need some ideas to get you started, consider helping in these ways…

Citizen Participation
  • Write Resolutions that could become “planks” – opinions and viewpoints on specific issues – that become part of the NM State Party platform.
  • Call your Senator or Representative about your issues and concerns to help influence their vote.
    • US. Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121
    • NM Legislature (during session only) 505-983-4300.
  • Write a letter to the editor. The editorial page is the second most widely read section of the paper. The Albuquerque Journal reaches a large audience, so let your voice be heard!
  • Call a radio show. These phone calls reach thousands or millions of people!
  • Share with your neighbors the alternatives to corporate news sources, which convey more of the facts and are not slanted to the right, such as:
  • Drive others and car pool to Precinct meetings.
  • Educate others on the Democratic Platform.
Voter Registration
  • Help register voters. Training and certification only takes about an hour and a half!
  • Find out who may want to vote by absentee ballot, or who may need help getting to the polls and provide transportation.
  • Visit local high schools to register new voters.
  • Canvass or call homes with no registered voters and help them get registered. This builds relationships and provides a valued service to your community.
  • Monitor county registration rolls to ensure registered voters are listed, and follow up with the county clerk if they are not.
Canvass and Organize Your Precinct and Ward
  • Be a canvasser. Start with door-to-door voter registration.
    • Offer yard signs or bumper stickers when canvassing.
    • Use the Votebuilder MiniVAN smart phone app and enter data after canvasses.
  • Train other canvassers.
  • Locate irregular voters. Work to convince them to vote in the upcoming election. Offer them absentee or early voting options.
  • Find those who frequently vote in lower percentages, but overwhelmingly vote for Democrats when they do, such as women and younger voters.
  • Be a Block Captain and keep in touch with your neighbors on the street. Help your Precinct’s Democrats find other volunteers, kindred souls, and update the voter database at Votebuilder.
  • Organize Precinct events: BBQs, pot lucks, house parties, picnics, or service projects. These events bring people together where we can share common values, network, and engage infrequent voters.
  • Set up contact lists for the precinct team, including phone numbers, addresses, and emails.
  • Help with Precinct meetings: Plan a meeting agenda, develop discussion topics, notify people of meetings and events, write and publish the meeting minutes, or keep a Precinct journal to share. Also, you could research locations where Precinct or Ward meetings could be held, such as libraries or community centers.
  • Build the Precinct plan with goals and monthly benchmarks.
  • Start a fundraiser for your Precinct, the county Democratic Party, or for Democratic candidates. Recruit local business to donate raffle items for fundraisers.
  • Set up and manage a Ward web site, Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram account.
Prepare for the Next Election
  • Get trained as a poll watcher, poll worker, or Precinct Election Judge.
  • Help with outreach to local representatives. Arrange a town hall meeting to meet and question your State Legislative Representative or Senator, City Councilor, or County Commissioner.
  • Get further training as a Democratic activist by participating in the training available at:
  • Consider being a Precinct or Ward Chair, or even run for office! Maybe you could be our next City Councilor, State Representative, or School Board member!
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