Keeping Bernalillo County Blue

Election Recap

Huge congratulations and THANK YOU to everyone who worked, donated, and advocated for Democratically aligned candidates this election cycle!! We are not done – we’ve got a runoff election just a few days away, and we’ve gotta take this momentum and build on it for 2024! 

Let’s take a moment to celebrate our wins!

Albuquerque Public Schools Board
This year, we showed Moms For Liberty that Bernalillo County does not stand for book-banning or anti-LGBTQIA+ sentiment or policy for our kids. We successfully elected School Board candidates that will work to advocate for our children and keep them safe so all they have to do is focus on learning.

school board
Image credit: ATF

Albuquerque City Council

In District 6, we’ve got a RUNOFF coming! Democrats Nichole Rogers and Jeff Hoehn will go head to head in December. Early voting for the District 6 run-off begins November 21, and will run until Saturday, December 9. Election day for the run-off will be Tuesday, December 12. Let’s make sure we turn out for this one! 

Congratulations to Abby Foster and Idalia Lechuga-Tena for running strong, principled campaigns, and for moving the needle in the left direction!

In District 2, Joaquin Baca won and we have no doubt he will bring valuable perspective, knowledge, and background to the City Council. Congratulations, Joaquin! 

Joaquin Baca

New to the Party?

We have tons of resources linked above to help guide you as a volunteer, precinct chair, or ward chair. To get started, here are some of our more popular and useful links:

Need a map of your ward or precinct to make your organizing more efficient? Go to the Ward & Precinct Maps page.

About the DPBC

The Democratic Party of Bernalillo County is an organization passionately focused on building a coalition of people with common values and with the power to elect candidates who share our beliefs and policy goals.

We do this entirely on the work of volunteers. No one — from our leadership to our tech and website gurus to our on-the-ground canvassers — is paid, meaning that every monetary donation goes directly to support our mission and our work.

This is truly a community-led effort. 

We’re uniting communities. We’re building Democratic power. And, though our work may not always be easy, when we do it together, it’s a beautiful thing.


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