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Our Values as New Mexican Democrats

Civil Rights
We acknowledge the rights of all persons to be treated equally, with dignity and respect, regardless of race, color, creed, gender identity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, physical ability, cognitive ability, or age.
Democrats believe that an educated populace is the cornerstone of sustainable democracy and economic prosperity.

Affordable, high-quality pre-K through college education is a basic right.
Healthcare is a fundamental human right.

Regardless of their circumstances, everyone in New Mexico and the U.S. should have access to comprehensive, affordable, high-quality health care.

Services must include comprehensive behavioral health services, reproductive care, access to birth control, quality prenatal and postpartum care, and abortion care.
Democrats will work to create and preserve an obtainable path to citizenship.

We believe that comprehensive reform is needed to provide an immigration system that is humane and non-discriminatory.

Families must be kept together.
Democrats work to ensure that both public and private workers may exercise their right to organize and join unions.

We recognize that unions contribute to building a stronger middle class, and support their critical role in fighting for living wages, fair work rules and hiring practices, and safe working conditions.
Native Americans
Democrats recognize the inherent sovereignty of Tribes, Pueblos, Bands, Villages, and Nations,

Democrats pledge to fulfill, honor, and strengthen to the highest extent possible the United States’ fundamental trust responsibility to Indigenous Peoples, as provided in the Constitution, treaties, and case law.
Veterans & Military Affairs
We believe all qualified persons who wish to serve our nation are free to do so without discrimination.

Our country has a sacred, moral responsibility to honor all of our veterans and wounded warriors.

The party that passed the G.I. Bill of Rights will always work to protect the benefits our veterans and their families have earned in service to our nation.
Democrats are committed to ensuring full equality for women in education, employment, healthcare, and all other spheres of society.

We recognize that violence against women and girls is an epidemic, and stand firm in the need for a societal shift and the prosecution of perpetrators.

Democrats are pro-choice.

DPBC Third Thursday Holiday Potluck

Enjoy a family friendly potluck with music and activities. We’re providing posole, chile, and tortillas. Bring a dish to share.

We’ll be collecting donations for the Transgender Resource Center’s Drop-in Center and for Animal Humane New Mexico.

December 19, 5:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
IBEW Local 611
4921 Alexander Blvd. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87107

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    You can vote, here’s how! In New Mexico, people with felony convictions can vote once they have completed their sentence, including probation or parole. Once their sentence is completed, applicants must re-register to vote even if previously registered. A Certificate of Discharge or Certificate of Completion for each felony conviction must be presented to the...


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