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The Democratic National Convention is just a few short months away.
It will be held in Chicago, IL from August 19th – 22nd, and it’s our chance to send delegates that embody New Mexico’s beautiful diversity to represent us there. New Mexico gets to send 45 delegate representatives, and you can be one of them!

You can view all of the details about what to expect, who can be a delegate, as well as the official press release from the Democratic Party of New Mexico website.
Here is a very helpful slideshow on the process, timeline, estimated costs, etc.

There are two different kinds of delegates.

  • One is the Post Primary Delegate, which is the County Level Delegate.
  • The second is the DNC Delegate, which is the State Level Delegate, and there are several types of these:
    • District Level
    • At-Large (Statewide)
    • Alternates
    • PLEO – Party Leaders and Elected Officials.

In order to win to become a DNC Delegate, you must be active in the County and District Level elections before the State Level election.

So, let’s work backward.

For State Level At-Large, Alternates, and PLEO Type Delegates:
You will need to be active in TWO elections!

Election #2:

  • When: June 22, 12:00pm
  • Where: Buffalo Thunder Resort, 30 Buffalo Thunder Trail, Santa Fe, NM 87506

Your electors will be the Post Primary Delegates elected at the County Level.

Election #1:
County Level election (follow instructions below.)

For District Level (Congressional District) Type Delegates:
You will need to be active in TWO elections!

Election #2:
Your election will take place at the District Convention hosted by the Democratic Party of New Mexico.

Who will vote for you?
Your electors (voters) are the county level Post Primary Delegates.
Bernalillo County will elect 124 Post Primary Delegates in Congressional District 1, and 33 in Congressional District 2.
These are the people who will vote for you at the District Convention on June 15.

How do Post Primary Delegates become electors, and what criteria do they need to meet?
Each county will host a Post Primary Convention and election prior to the District Level convention.

The Bernalillo County Convention will be hosted by the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County. This convention will include key speakers, but the election will not take place at this time.

Any registered Democrat in Bernalillo County can attend, and registration is open, so please register ahead!

**Late registration will occur from 5-6pm on June 8, but in an effort not to delay the convention, please pre-register now using the link above.

**You do not need to be present at the convention in order to participate in the election that will follow.

Election #1:
The Bernalillo County Post Primary Delegate Election will take place electronically from June 9-June 11.

Any registered Democrat in Bernalillo County can vote to elect the 124 Post-Primary Delegates in CD1 and 33 in CD2, but they must have been registered as a Dem in Bernalillo County by May 7, 2024 (30 days prior to the county convention date).

Any registered Democrat in Bernalillo County can run to become a Post-Primary Delegate. So, if you or someone you know is running to be a DNC Delegate, you will want to become a Post Primary Delegate so that you can vote for them on June 15!

Use this very simple form to declare yourself a candidate to a Post Primary Delegate OR simply to vote. You do NOT have to declare yourself a candidate in order to vote in this election. But you DO have to register. The form will allow you to do either or both.

If you are running to be a DNC Delegate, it is in your best interest to get as many people to participate and get elected in the County Level Post-Primary Delegate election as possible, so they can vote for you at the District Level election and send you to Chicago!

Good luck to all DNC Delegate candidates!!

If you still have questions, please email us at for clarification and answers.

CCC Election for 1st Vice Chair

Dear DPBC County Central Committee,

As of May 4, 2024, the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County has a vacancy in the office of First Vice Chair.

According to Article 4.6.2 of the DPNM State Party Rules 2023-02-03-1-1 following a vacancy, an election to fill the position shall be called within 60 (sixty) days to fill the vacancy.

To note:

“In the case of a vacancy in the position of Chair or First Vice Chair: If the newly elected First Vice Chair is of the same gender as the incumbent Chair, the gender balance requirements of Article III. Rule 4.1 will be waived to allow both the newly elected officer and the incumbent officer to serve the remainder of the term.”

The gender requirement waiver allows candidates of any gender identity to Declare Candidacy to fill the First Vice Chair vacancy. Please see the election timeline as follows:

May 7 – Declaration of Candidacy Form opens – click HERE to access
May 17 – Declaration of Candidacy Form closes
May 21 – Candidate Forum recording
May 22 – Ballots will be mailed to County Central Committee
May 30 – Ballots will be closed 5pm
June 1 – Public ballot counting via Zoom – link HERE to join
June 4 – Results of election will be mailed and announced in the Blue Review as well as on website.

If you have any questions regarding this election, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
With gratitude,
Marisol Enriquez
Chair, DPBC | | 505-270-5000 voice/text

Important Election Dates

June 4th Primary is in

  • 00 Days

Here are some important election related dates with links to applications and other information. Also, the Ward & Precinct Chair Resources page has candidate lists and precinct district assignments.

↖︎ Register or Change Voter Registration  
ClosesMay 7
Absentee Ballot  
↖︎ Ballot RequestNow Available
Last day to request a ballotMay 21
↖︎ Early Voting  
↖︎ --- Return absentee ballot at the Clerks AnnexBeginsMay 7
↖︎ --- In-person at 20 Convenience CentersExpandedMay 18
EndsJune 1
Primary Election DayJune 4

Candidate Endorsements

While the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County supports all Democratic candidates in the Primary election and must remain neutral in these races, informed voters are good voters, so we’re offering you endorsement lists of organizations that align with Democratic values. The goal is to offer information you can use to make comparisons of candidates for your own use at the ballot box. (Any endorsements we link to are solely the opinion of the group issuing them. They should not be considered official endorsements by the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County.)

Albuquerque Teachers Federation

Conservation Voters New Mexico

Equality New Mexico

New Mexico Families Party

Progressive Voters Guide – by ProgressNow New Mexico

Reboot Our Democracy

Rio Grande Sierra Club

Additionally, please check out this recording of the April 20 District Attorney Candidate Forum with Sam Bregman (incumbent) and Damon Martinez (challenger) hosted by the DPBC: DA Candidate Forum.

New to the Party?

We have tons of resources linked above to help guide you as a volunteer, precinct chair, or ward chair. To get started, here are some of our more popular and useful links:

More extensive resources can be found on the Ward & Precinct Chair Resources page, including:

  • Links to house district maps
  • Links to senate district maps
  • Bernalillo County ward & precinct chairs
  • Precinct political district chart
  • Candidates running in the 2024 election cycle
  • And more…

About the DPBC

The Democratic Party of Bernalillo County is an organization passionately focused on building a coalition of people with common values and with the power to elect candidates who share our beliefs and policy goals.

We do this entirely on the work of volunteers. No one — from our leadership to our tech and website gurus to our on-the-ground canvassers — is paid, meaning that every monetary donation goes directly to support our mission and our work.

This is truly a community-led effort. 

We’re uniting communities. We’re building Democratic power. And, though our work may not always be easy, when we do it together, it’s a beautiful thing.


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