• DPBC Local Resolution Form

  • Whereas Clauses and Citations

    • The facts and information that provide the reason for your resolution. This is where you should provide references to material and data in support of your resolution.
    • Provide citations and links at the end of the clause.
    • Members of the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County Resolutions Committee will use this material to understand why the resolution is important and how your idea will work.
    • PLEASE MAKE YOUR RESOLUTION LOCAL . Think of what issues apply to the city and county that the state platform does not clearly address.
    • Limit yourself to three (3) “Whereas” statements please.
  • Be It Resolved Clauses

    Steps or actions that should be taken to implement the resolution or the desired end result. You only need one (1) “Be it resolved” clause, with a maximum of three (3).

  • Local Resolution Guidelines

    The Bernalillo County Resolutions Committee is committed to a fair and consistent process toward how resolutions are accepted.

    Upon receipt of a resolution, the committee will discuss the merits of the resolution to evaluate:

    1. whether it aligns with the core values of the Democratic party;
    2. whether it addresses the needs of the people of Bernalillo County and is not inconsistent with the NM State Platform approved March, 2018;
    3. whether the writing style is clear and specific;
    4. whether it includes sources for each “WHEREAS” statement.

    NOTE: Citing sources improves the quality and our understanding of your resolution. Resolutions are stronger when the result is specific, focused, and/or achievable. For example: "retrain police in de-escalation techniques" vs. "reform the police.”

    • If the recommendation DOES NOT meet these guidelines, it is returned to the author with feedback. After receiving feedback, you may revise and resubmit it to the county Resolutions Committee.
    • If the recommendation DOES meet these guidelines, it is submitted to the DPBC Resolutions Committee to be voted upon. Recommendations with similar spirit and intent will be bundled, and the number of similar submissions will be noted.
    • Each resolution must be submitted on a separate form, so that they can be voted upon individually.
  • When you click the Submit button below, it will automatically be sent to the Resolutions Committee.

    If you'd rather work with a paper form, click Print Form below. Then send the completed resolution to: resolutions@bernalillodems.org or call 505-345-9063 for assistance.

    All completed resolutions must be typed and in this format.

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