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About This Page

About this Page


This webpage provides resources and information for ward and precinct chairs in Bernalillo County (BC). Broader state resources can be obtained through other sources, some of which are referenced in the Goodies table.

For those people new to the DPBC, here are a few items of interest:

  • You can find your house district and precinct numbers from the Secretary of State My Registration form.
    • You will need your first and last name, date of birth, and county: select Bernalillo.
    • Your house district is labeled Legislative: District NN.
  • Bernalillo County is divided into 687 voting precincts.
  • The Democratic Party of Bernalillo County (DPBC) typically groups 8-11 precincts into wards that are aligned and grouped by House Districts.
    • There are typically 3-4 wards in each House District.
    • There are 73 wards in Bernalillo County.
  • Senate Districts and other political districts are not aligned with House Districts or wards. Consequently, precincts in a particular ward may not share their district assignment with other precincts in their ward.

Table of Contents:

  • Goodies: links to additional resources and an election timeline
  • Bernalillo County House & Senate District Maps
    • Links to the current house district maps for HD 10-22, 24-31, 44, 68, 69
    • Links to the current senate district maps for SD 9-23, 26, 30
  • Bernalillo County Ward & Precinct Chairs and Vacancies
    •  Ward chairs and vacancies
    • Precinct chairs and vacancies
  • Precinct Political District chart* (US Congressional, State Senate, County Commission).
  • Candidates running in the 2024 election cycle
  • Leave Comments: very important. Help us improve this webpage.

* A note about the Precinct Political District chart.

The chart shows only the three political district assignments for which there are elections involved in the 2024 election cycle and that may not be House District aligned. The chart includes:

  • Congressional Districts
  • State Senate Districts
  • County Commission Districts

Other districts that are at play in 2024, e.g., District Attorney, encompass all Bernalillo County House Districts, so a precinct level breakdown is not necessary.

About the Maps

There are two sets of map file links: House District maps and Senate District maps. They are located in the HD & SD Maps tab with a pull-down for each set.

House District Maps (HD Maps)

The Ward and Precinct Map Team created maps for all of DPBC’s 73 wards and 687 precincts. For each ward, there is:

An All Maps PDF (e.g. Ward 23A All Maps). This links to a multi-page PDF file containing all of the maps for a selected ward. It includes the following, which are also available individually:

    • Ward Map (e.g., 23C Ward Map): a map overview showing the boundaries of its precincts.
    • Individual precinct maps in the ward (e.g., Pct 987).
    • Maps showing enlarged portions of precincts or wards where more detail is needed, designated with 🔎

Senate District Maps (SD Maps)

There is a single map for each State Senate district.

Click on a link to open the PDF map file. Download it by clicking the icon at the upper right of the screen (to the right of the printer icon).

If you have a map need that is not met by the maps available on this page, fill out the Ward/Precinct Map Request Form. The map team will try to make something that meets your needs. They can make more detailed maps of the parts of a larger precinct, and can include additional details in a map, such as street addresses and parcels.

Sort & Search Tips & Tricks

Sort & Search Tips & Tricks

General Tips

NB: Most of these tips & tricks will also be found in the Quick Tips for each section.

To find your ward and precinct numbers, visit the Secretary of State’s My Registration form.

Use the Search field to locate something specific or to narrow the number of items that display in a table:

  • Text in the Search field searches for anything that matches the string: e.g., typing "10" will show all HD-10 entries plus any precincts that contain 10 (e.g., precinct 103, 210, etc.). Typing "-10" however, will show only HD-10 entries.
  • Search strings are not case sensitive: "DEM" and "dem" will locate "Dem."

Some navigation tabs may not be seen on mobile devices if the contents have long tables. Select the down arrow button to scroll to the bottom. You can also quickly see the tabs by typing something in the table Search field that will collapse the table, e.g., xxx.

The ↖︎ symbol next to a link signifies that the target is not on this website.

House & Senate Disrict Maps

Use the Search field to narrow the number of items that display in a table.

-NNHD Maps: Show maps in a particular house district: e.g., -25. The minus sign is needed to omit precincts from the search.
NNSD Maps: Show maps in a particular senate district: e.g., 15.


🔎Enlarged Map Portion
🏘️House District Map (HD)
🗺️Senate District Map (SD)

Ward & Precinct Chairs

Click on column headers to sort the tables. For example, select the Pct table header column to sort by precinct number in the Precinct Chairs table.

Use the Search field to narrow the number of items that display in a table. These are mutually exclusive search codes.

NN Ward Chairs in a particular house district: e.g., 15.
-NN Show the precinct chairs in a particular house district: e.g., -25.
Pct NNN For a specific precinct. Space NN will also work. e.g., " 436"
'>' Only occupied chairs.
'~' (tilde) Only chair vacancies

Unfortunately, you cannot search on multiple criteria at this time. For more sophisticated ward and precinct chair searches and to download their search result lists, visit the relevant pages that provide this functionality.



🏘️ House District (HD)
~~ Vacancy

Precinct Districts

Sort on any column.

Search table

Head Search Description
House District search
PCT p.N Precinct
CD cd:N Congressional District
SSD ss:N State Senate District
CCD cc:N County Commission District

Only one County Commission district is up for election: CCD-3. These will be displayed with "CC:" while the others will be displayed with "cc:"


Use the Search field to narrow the number of items that display in a table. These are mutually exclusive search codes.

NNOnly the items in a particular district: e.g., 25.
DemOnly Democrats
RepOnly Republicans
HD Quick Tips

House District Maps

House Districts: 10-22, 24-31, 44, 68, 69

Use the Search field to narrow the number of items that display in the table.

-NN Only the items in a particular district: e.g., -25
Pct NNN For a specific precinct. Space NN will also work: e.g., " 436"
🔎 Enlarged Map Portion
🏘️ House District Map (HD)

The difference between All Maps and Ward Map:

All Maps is a multi page PDF file with all of the individual maps in one large file, including:

  • The Ward Map (which is included in All Maps) shows the ward boundaries and the precincts within the ward.
  • Individual precinct maps in the ward (e.g., Pct 987).
  • Maps showing enlarged portions of precincts or wards where more detail is needed, designated with 🔎

Click on a link to open the PDF map file. Download it by clicking the icon at the upper right of the screen (to the right of the printer icon).

🏘️ Maps
🏘️-10 Bounds
🏘️-10A All Maps🏘️-10B All Maps🏘️-10C All Maps
🏘️-10A CD Bounds🏘️-10B Ward Map🏘️-10C Ward Map
🏘️-10A CD Bounds 🔎🏘️-10B Pct 73🏘️-10C Ward Map 🔎
🏘️-10A Ward Map🏘️-10B Pct 75🏘️-10C Pct 92
🏘️-10A Ward Map 🔎🏘️-10B Pct 76🏘️-10C Pct 93
🏘️-10A Pct 94🏘️-10B Pct 90🏘️-10C Pct 93 🔎
🏘️-10A Pct 95🏘️-10B Pct 91🏘️-10C Pct 97
🏘️-10A Pct 103🏘️-10B Pct 96🏘️-10C Pct 144
🏘️-10A Pct 105🏘️-10B Pct 98🏘️-10C Pct 250
🏘️-10A Pct 106🏘️-10B Pct 99🏘️-10C Pct 250 🔎
🏘️-10A Pct 107🏘️-10B Pct 262🏘️-10C Pct 260
🏘️-10A Pct 213🏘️-10B Pct 629🏘️-10C Pct 270
🏘️-10A Pct 213 🔎🏘️-10C Pct 288
🏘️-10A Pct 258🏘️-10C Pct 630
🏘️-10A Pct 258 🔎
🏘️-10A Pct 266
🏘️-10A Pct 278
🏘️-11 Bounds
🏘️-11A All Maps🏘️-11B All Maps🏘️-11C All Maps🏘️-11D All Maps
🏘️-11A Ward Map🏘️-11B Ward Map🏘️-11C Ward Map🏘️-11D Ward Map
🏘️-11A Pct 151🏘️-11B Pct 150🏘️-11C Pct 125🏘️-11D Pct 161
🏘️-11A Pct 153🏘️-11B Pct 152🏘️-11C Pct 131🏘️-11D Pct 187
🏘️-11A Pct 154🏘️-11B Pct 181🏘️-11C Pct 163🏘️-11D Pct 188
🏘️-11A Pct 155🏘️-11B Pct 183🏘️-11C Pct 164🏘️-11D Pct 195
🏘️-11A Pct 162🏘️-11B Pct 184🏘️-11C Pct 165🏘️-11D Pct 196
🏘️-11A Pct 166🏘️-11B Pct 185🏘️-11C Pct 212🏘️-11D Pct 197
🏘️-11A Pct 276🏘️-11B Pct 186🏘️-11C Pct 221🏘️-11D Pct 211
🏘️-11A Pct 640🏘️-11B Pct 279🏘️-11C Pct 345🏘️-11D Pct 346
🏘️-11B Pct 646🏘️-11C Pct 613
🏘️-12 Bounds
🏘️-12A All Maps🏘️-12B All Maps🏘️-12C All Maps
🏘️-12A Ward Map🏘️-12B Ward Map🏘️-12C Ward Map
🏘️-12A Pct 109🏘️-12B Pct 139🏘️-12C Pct 142
🏘️-12A Pct 240🏘️-12B Pct 45🏘️-12C Pct 143
🏘️-12A Pct 340🏘️-12B Pct 65🏘️-12C Pct 147
🏘️-12A Pct 71🏘️-12B Pct 654🏘️-12C Pct 239
🏘️-12A Pct 72🏘️-12B Pct 66🏘️-12C Pct 269
🏘️-12A Pct 74🏘️-12B Pct 67🏘️-12C Pct 43
🏘️-12A Pct 77🏘️-12C Pct 44
🏘️-12C Pct 49
🏘️-12C Pct 604
🏘️-13 Bounds
🏘️-13A All Maps🏘️-13B All Maps
🏘️-13A Ward Map🏘️-13B Ward Map
🏘️-13A Pct 130🏘️-13B Pct 141
🏘️-13A Pct 138🏘️-13B Pct 145
🏘️-13A Pct 140🏘️-13B Pct 146
🏘️-13A Pct 148🏘️-13B Pct 247
🏘️-13A Pct 237🏘️-13B Pct 268
🏘️-13A Pct 267🏘️-13B Pct 367
🏘️-13A Pct 53🏘️-13B Pct 52
🏘️-13A Pct 59🏘️-13B Pct 54
🏘️-13A Pct 60🏘️-13B Pct 600
🏘️-13B Pct 620
🏘️-13B Pct 638
🏘️-13B Pct 655
> >
🏘️-14 Bounds
🏘️-14A All Maps🏘️-14B All Maps🏘️-14C All Maps
🏘️-14A Ward Map🏘️-14B Ward Map🏘️-14C Ward Map
🏘️-14A Pct 149🏘️-14B Pct 104🏘️-14C Pct 121
🏘️-14A Pct 190🏘️-14B Pct 135🏘️-14C Pct 122
🏘️-14A Pct 198🏘️-14B Pct 135 🔎🏘️-14C Pct 123
🏘️-14A Pct 236🏘️-14B Pct 234🏘️-14C Pct 124
🏘️-14A Pct 32🏘️-14B Pct 46🏘️-14C Pct 132
🏘️-14A Pct 33🏘️-14B Pct 47🏘️-14C Pct 133
🏘️-14A Pct 48🏘️-14B Pct 61🏘️-14C Pct 224
🏘️-14A Pct 50🏘️-14B Pct 62🏘️-14C Pct 225
🏘️-14A Pct 51🏘️-14B Pct 63🏘️-14C Pct 226
🏘️-14A Pct 619🏘️-14B Pct 64🏘️-14C Pct 634
🏘️-15 Bounds
🏘️-15A All Maps🏘️-15B All Maps🏘️-15C All Maps🏘️-15D All Maps
🏘️-15A Ward Map🏘️-15B Ward Map🏘️-15C Ward Map🏘️-15D Ward Map
🏘️-15A Pct 108🏘️-15B Pct 16🏘️-15C Pct 11🏘️-15D Pct 14
🏘️-15A Pct 13🏘️-15B Pct 17🏘️-15C Pct 12🏘️-15D Pct 15
🏘️-15A Pct 219🏘️-15B Pct 18🏘️-15C Pct 126🏘️-15D Pct 192
🏘️-15A Pct 4🏘️-15B Pct 218🏘️-15C Pct 180🏘️-15D Pct 193
🏘️-15A Pct 5🏘️-15B Pct 259🏘️-15C Pct 182🏘️-15D Pct 194
🏘️-15A Pct 7🏘️-15B Pct 369🏘️-15C Pct 191🏘️-15D Pct 375
🏘️-15A Pct 8🏘️-15B Pct 455🏘️-15C Pct 257🏘️-15D Pct 438
🏘️-15A Pct 9🏘️-15B Pct 661🏘️-15C Pct 277🏘️-15D Pct 581
🏘️-15B Pct 668🏘️-15D Pct 651
🏘️-44 Bounds
Ward-15E is in HD-44
🏘️-15E All Maps
🏘️-15E 15E Ward Map
🏘️-15E Pct 10
🏘️-15E Pct 220
🏘️-15E Pct 238
🏘️-15E Pct 6
🏘️-15E Pct 86
🏘️-16 Bounds
🏘️-16A All Maps🏘️-16B All Maps🏘️-16C All Maps
🏘️-16A Ward Map🏘️-16B CD Bounds🏘️-16C Ward Map
🏘️-16A Pct 169🏘️-16B 16B Ward Map🏘️-16C Pct 119
🏘️-16A Pct 178🏘️-16B Pct 156🏘️-16C Pct 199
🏘️-16A Pct 189🏘️-16B Pct 167🏘️-16C Pct 36
🏘️-16A Pct 209🏘️-16B Pct 168🏘️-16C Pct 37
🏘️-16A Pct 21🏘️-16B Pct 23🏘️-16C Pct 38
🏘️-16A Pct 210🏘️-16B Pct 26🏘️-16C Pct 40
🏘️-16A Pct 22🏘️-16B Pct 263🏘️-16C Pct 607
🏘️-16A Pct 25🏘️-16B Pct 27🏘️-16C Pct 618
🏘️-16A Pct 30🏘️-16B Pct 28🏘️-16C Pct 633
🏘️-16A Pct 614🏘️-16B Pct 39
🏘️-16A Pct 615
🏘️-16A Pct 616
🏘️-17 Bounds
🏘️-17A All Maps🏘️-17B All Maps🏘️-17C All Maps
🏘️-17A Ward Map🏘️-17B Ward Map🏘️-17C CD Bounds
🏘️-17A Pct 116🏘️-17B Pct 172🏘️-17C Ward Map
🏘️-17A Pct 171🏘️-17B Pct 179🏘️-17C Pct 100
🏘️-17A Pct 173🏘️-17B Pct 200🏘️-17C Pct 114
🏘️-17A Pct 174🏘️-17B Pct 3🏘️-17C Pct 202
🏘️-17A Pct 2🏘️-17B Pct 624🏘️-17C Pct 203
🏘️-17A Pct 232🏘️-17B Pct 627🏘️-17C Pct 222
🏘️-17A Pct 248🏘️-17B Pct 645🏘️-17C Pct 249
🏘️-17A Pct 610🏘️-17B Pct 78🏘️-17C Pct 605
🏘️-17A Pct 642🏘️-17B Pct 79🏘️-17C Pct 647
🏘️-17A Pct 686🏘️-17B Pct 84🏘️-17C Pct 82
🏘️-17A Pct 69🏘️-17B Pct 89🏘️-17C Pct 83
🏘️-18 Bounds
🏘️-18A All 🏘️-18B All Maps🏘️-18C All Maps🏘️-18D All Maps
🏘️-18A All Maps🏘️-18B Ward Map🏘️-18C Ward Map🏘️-18D Ward Map
🏘️-18A Ward Map🏘️-18B Pct 214🏘️-18C Pct 101🏘️-18D Pct 252
🏘️-18A Pct 216🏘️-18B Pct 215🏘️-18C Pct 102🏘️-18D Pct 253
🏘️-18A Pct 338🏘️-18B Pct 223🏘️-18C Pct 235🏘️-18D Pct 254
🏘️-18A Pct 341🏘️-18B Pct 241🏘️-18C Pct 242🏘️-18D Pct 255
🏘️-18A Pct 342🏘️-18B Pct 351🏘️-18C Pct 243🏘️-18D Pct 256
🏘️-18A Pct 343🏘️-18B Pct 352🏘️-18C Pct 244🏘️-18D Pct 273
🏘️-18A Pct 344🏘️-18B Pct 353🏘️-18C Pct 245🏘️-18D Pct 274
🏘️-18A Pct 355🏘️-18B Pct 358🏘️-18C Pct 246
🏘️-18A Pct 356🏘️-18B Pct 381🏘️-18C Pct 251
🏘️-18A Pct 357🏘️-18B Pct 382
🏘️-19 Bounds
🏘️-19A All Maps🏘️-19B All Maps🏘️-19C All Maps
🏘️-19A Ward Map🏘️-19B Ward Map🏘️-19C Ward Map
🏘️-19A Pct 283🏘️-19B Pct 311🏘️-19C Pct 271
🏘️-19A Pct 285🏘️-19B Pct 312🏘️-19C Pct 272
🏘️-19A Pct 286🏘️-19B Pct 318🏘️-19C Pct 275
🏘️-19A Pct 287🏘️-19B Pct 321🏘️-19C Pct 280
🏘️-19A Pct 326🏘️-19B Pct 322🏘️-19C Pct 281
🏘️-19A Pct 327🏘️-19B Pct 323🏘️-19C Pct 282
🏘️-19A Pct 378🏘️-19B Pct 336🏘️-19C Pct 284
🏘️-19A Pct 379🏘️-19B Pct 383
🏘️-19A Pct 591🏘️-19B Pct 384
🏘️-20 Bounds
🏘️-20A All Maps🏘️-20B All Maps🏘️-20C All Maps
🏘️-20A Ward Map🏘️-20B Ward Map🏘️-20C Ward Map
🏘️-20A Pct 296🏘️-20B Pct 289🏘️-20C Pct 304
🏘️-20A Pct 298🏘️-20B Pct 290🏘️-20C Pct 305
🏘️-20A Pct 299🏘️-20B Pct 294🏘️-20C Pct 306
🏘️-20A Pct 301🏘️-20B Pct 319🏘️-20C Pct 307
🏘️-20A Pct 302🏘️-20B Pct 324🏘️-20C Pct 309
🏘️-20A Pct 303🏘️-20B Pct 325🏘️-20C Pct 393
🏘️-20A Pct 303 🔎🏘️-20B Pct 332🏘️-20C Pct 549
🏘️-20A Pct 330🏘️-20B Pct 334🏘️-20C Pct 550
🏘️-20A Pct 331🏘️-20B Pct 349🏘️-20C Pct 657
🏘️-20A Pct 333🏘️-20B Pct 350🏘️-20C Pct 658
🏘️-20A Pct 348🏘️-20B Pct 660🏘️-20C Pct 659
🏘️-21 Bounds
🏘️-21A All Maps🏘️-21B All Maps
🏘️-21A Ward Map🏘️-21B Ward Map
🏘️-21A Pct 291🏘️-21B Pct 310
🏘️-21A Pct 292🏘️-21B Pct 316
🏘️-21A Pct 293🏘️-21B Pct 320
🏘️-21A Pct 295🏘️-21B Pct 328
🏘️-21A Pct 297🏘️-21B Pct 329
🏘️-21A Pct 300🏘️-21B Pct 337
🏘️-21A Pct 335🏘️-21B Pct 363
🏘️-21A Pct 534🏘️-21B Pct 475
🏘️-21A Pct 542🏘️-21B Pct 477
🏘️-21A Pct 543🏘️-21B Pct 478
🏘️-21A Pct 544🏘️-21B Pct 671
🏘️-21A Pct 656
🏘️-22 Bounds
🏘️-22 🔎
🏘️-22A All Maps🏘️-22B All Maps
🏘️-22A Ward Map🏘️-22B Ward Map
🏘️-22A Pct 555🏘️-22B Pct 551
🏘️-22A Pct 556🏘️-22B Pct 552
🏘️-22A Pct 556 🔎🏘️-22B Pct 552 🔎
🏘️-22A Pct 557🏘️-22B Pct 553
🏘️-22A Pct 558🏘️-22B Pct 554
🏘️-22A Pct 559🏘️-22B Pct 554 🔎 1
🏘️-22A Pct 566🏘️-22B Pct 554 🔎 2
🏘️-22A Pct 566 🔎🏘️-22B Pct 554 🔎 3
🏘️-22A Pct 570🏘️-22B Pct 571
🏘️-22A Pct 573🏘️-22B Pct 572
🏘️-22A Pct 573 🔎🏘️-22B Pct 577
🏘️-22A Pct 574🏘️-22B Pct 578
🏘️-22A Pct 574 🔎🏘️-22B Pct 579
🏘️-22A Pct 575🏘️-22B Pct 582
🏘️-22A Pct 575 🔎🏘️-22B Pct 582 🔎
🏘️-22A Pct 576🏘️-22B Pct 595
🏘️-22A Pct 576 🔎🏘️-22B Pct 595 🔎
🏘️-22A Pct 580🏘️-22B Pct 596
🏘️-22A Pct 603🏘️-22B Pct 597
🏘️-22A Pct 603 🔎
🏘️-24 Bounds
🏘️-24A All Maps🏘️-24B All Maps🏘️-24C All Maps🏘️-24D All Maps
🏘️-24A Ward Map🏘️-24B Ward Map🏘️-24C Ward Map🏘️-24D Ward Map
🏘️-24A Pct 461🏘️-24B Pct 413🏘️-24C Pct 463🏘️-24D Pct 502
🏘️-24A Pct 462🏘️-24B Pct 414🏘️-24C Pct 464🏘️-24D Pct 504
🏘️-24A Pct 466🏘️-24B Pct 415🏘️-24C Pct 465🏘️-24D Pct 506
🏘️-24A Pct 491🏘️-24B Pct 416🏘️-24C Pct 474🏘️-24D Pct 507
🏘️-24A Pct 492🏘️-24B Pct 417🏘️-24C Pct 503🏘️-24D Pct 508
🏘️-24A Pct 493🏘️-24B Pct 471🏘️-24C Pct 505🏘️-24D Pct 509
🏘️-24A Pct 494🏘️-24B Pct 472🏘️-24C Pct 531🏘️-24D Pct 514
🏘️-24A Pct 495🏘️-24B Pct 473🏘️-24C Pct 533🏘️-24D Pct 515
🏘️-24A Pct 497🏘️-24B Pct 476🏘️-24C Pct 670🏘️-24D Pct 516
🏘️-24B Pct 663🏘️-24D Pct 528
🏘️-25 Bounds
🏘️-25A All Maps🏘️-25B All Maps🏘️-25C All Maps🏘️-25D All Maps
🏘️-25A Ward Map🏘️-25B Ward Map🏘️-25C Ward Map🏘️-25D Ward Map
🏘️-25A Pct 374🏘️-25B Pct 401🏘️-25C Pct 313🏘️-25D Pct 347
🏘️-25A Pct 377🏘️-25B Pct 402🏘️-25C Pct 314🏘️-25D Pct 400
🏘️-25A Pct 431🏘️-25B Pct 411🏘️-25C Pct 315🏘️-25D Pct 403
🏘️-25A Pct 432🏘️-25B Pct 412🏘️-25C Pct 317🏘️-25D Pct 404
🏘️-25A Pct 433🏘️-25B Pct 441🏘️-25C Pct 354🏘️-25D Pct 405
🏘️-25A Pct 434🏘️-25B Pct 445🏘️-25C Pct 371🏘️-25D Pct 435
🏘️-25A Pct 442🏘️-25B Pct 446🏘️-25C Pct 372🏘️-25D Pct 436
🏘️-25A Pct 443🏘️-25C Pct 373🏘️-25D Pct 437
🏘️-25A Pct 444🏘️-25C Pct 385
🏘️-25C Pct 386
🏘️-25C Pct 387
🏘️-26 Bounds
🏘️-26 🔎
🏘️-26A All Maps🏘️-26B All Maps🏘️-26C All Maps
🏘️-26A Ward Map🏘️-26B Ward Map🏘️-26C Ward Map
🏘️-26A Ward Map 🔎🏘️-26B Pct 120🏘️-26C Pct 136
🏘️-26A Pct 137🏘️-26B Pct 134🏘️-26C Pct 136 🔎
🏘️-26A Pct 31🏘️-26B Pct 157🏘️-26C Pct 233
🏘️-26A Pct 41🏘️-26B Pct 158🏘️-26C Pct 265
🏘️-26A Pct 42🏘️-26B Pct 394🏘️-26C Pct 34
🏘️-26A Pct 56🏘️-26B Pct 399🏘️-26C Pct 35
🏘️-26A Pct 58🏘️-26B Pct 599🏘️-26C Pct 55
🏘️-26A Pct 621🏘️-26B Pct 70🏘️-26C Pct 653
🏘️-26A Pct 88🏘️-26C Pct 687
🏘️-27 Bounds
🏘️-27A All Maps🏘️-27B All Maps🏘️-27C All Maps🏘️-27D All Maps
🏘️-27A Ward Map🏘️-27B Ward Map🏘️-27C Ward Map🏘️-27D Ward Map
🏘️-27A Pct 410🏘️-27B Pct 398🏘️-27C Pct 360🏘️-27D Pct 366
🏘️-27A Pct 418🏘️-27B Pct 426🏘️-27C Pct 427🏘️-27D Pct 376
🏘️-27A Pct 459🏘️-27B Pct 456🏘️-27C Pct 450🏘️-27D Pct 380
🏘️-27A Pct 485🏘️-27B Pct 460🏘️-27C Pct 468🏘️-27D Pct 449
🏘️-27A Pct 486🏘️-27B Pct 467🏘️-27C Pct 482🏘️-27D Pct 451
🏘️-27A Pct 487🏘️-27B Pct 479🏘️-27C Pct 538🏘️-27D Pct 452
🏘️-27A Pct 510🏘️-27B Pct 584🏘️-27C Pct 563🏘️-27D Pct 453
🏘️-27A Pct 664🏘️-27B Pct 601🏘️-27C Pct 568🏘️-27D Pct 483
🏘️-27A Pct 674🏘️-27B Pct 669🏘️-27C Pct 593🏘️-27D Pct 562
🏘️-27B Pct 685🏘️-27C Pct 679
🏘️-28 Bounds
🏘️-28A All Maps🏘️-28B All Maps🏘️-28C All Maps🏘️-28D All Maps
🏘️-28A Ward Map🏘️-28B Ward Map🏘️-28C Ward Map🏘️-28D Ward Map
🏘️-28A Pct 389🏘️-28B Pct 308🏘️-28C Pct 364🏘️-28D Pct 365
🏘️-28A Pct 480🏘️-28B Pct 395🏘️-28C Pct 526🏘️-28D Pct 390
🏘️-28A Pct 517🏘️-28B Pct 532🏘️-28C Pct 527🏘️-28D Pct 396
🏘️-28A Pct 518🏘️-28B Pct 535🏘️-28C Pct 530🏘️-28D Pct 397
🏘️-28A Pct 519🏘️-28B Pct 536🏘️-28C Pct 548🏘️-28D Pct 428
🏘️-28A Pct 521🏘️-28B Pct 540🏘️-28C Pct 564🏘️-28D Pct 430
🏘️-28A Pct 524🏘️-28B Pct 545🏘️-28C Pct 565🏘️-28D Pct 454
🏘️-28A Pct 525🏘️-28B Pct 546🏘️-28C Pct 678🏘️-28D Pct 520
🏘️-28A Pct 672🏘️-28B Pct 547🏘️-28D Pct 522
🏘️-28A Pct 676🏘️-28B Pct 561
🏘️-28B Pct 680
🏘️-29 Bounds
🏘️-29 🔎
🏘️-29A All Maps🏘️-29B All Maps🏘️-29C All Maps
🏘️-29A Ward Map🏘️-29B CD Bounds🏘️-29C Ward Map
🏘️-29A Pct 115🏘️-29B Ward Map🏘️-29C Ward Map 🔎
🏘️-29A Pct 118🏘️-29B Pct 110🏘️-29C Pct 159
🏘️-29A Pct 205🏘️-29B Pct 111🏘️-29C Pct 160
🏘️-29A Pct 206🏘️-29B Pct 112🏘️-29C Pct 24
🏘️-29A Pct 227🏘️-29B Pct 113🏘️-29C Pct 29
🏘️-29A Pct 228🏘️-29B Pct 20🏘️-29C Pct 57
🏘️-29A Pct 611🏘️-29B Pct 204🏘️-29C Pct 57 🔎
🏘️-29A Pct 612🏘️-29B Pct 207🏘️-29C Pct 609
🏘️-29A Pct 626🏘️-29B Pct 208🏘️-29C Pct 617
🏘️-29A Pct 632🏘️-29B Pct 648🏘️-29C Pct 622
🏘️-29A Pct 652🏘️-29B Pct 649🏘️-29C Pct 639
🏘️-29A Pct 81🏘️-29B Pct 650
🏘️-29A Pct 81 🔎
🏘️-30 Bounds
🏘️-30A All Maps🏘️-30B All Maps🏘️-30C All Maps🏘️-30D All Maps
🏘️-30A Ward Map🏘️-30B Ward Map🏘️-30C Ward Map🏘️-30D Ward Map
🏘️-30A Pct 339🏘️-30B Pct 407🏘️-30C Pct 406🏘️-30D Pct 368
🏘️-30A Pct 359🏘️-30B Pct 488🏘️-30C Pct 408🏘️-30D Pct 388
🏘️-30A Pct 370🏘️-30B Pct 489🏘️-30C Pct 439🏘️-30D Pct 484
🏘️-30A Pct 409🏘️-30B Pct 490🏘️-30C Pct 481🏘️-30D Pct 511
🏘️-30A Pct 419🏘️-30B Pct 529🏘️-30C Pct 496🏘️-30D Pct 512
🏘️-30A Pct 420🏘️-30B Pct 662🏘️-30C Pct 498🏘️-30D Pct 513
🏘️-30A Pct 421🏘️-30B Pct 673🏘️-30C Pct 499🏘️-30D Pct 523
🏘️-30A Pct 440🏘️-30B Pct 677🏘️-30C Pct 500🏘️-30D Pct 583
🏘️-30C Pct 666🏘️-30D Pct 675
🏘️-31 Bounds
🏘️-31A All Maps🏘️-31B All Maps🏘️-31C All Maps🏘️-31D All Maps
🏘️-31A Ward Map🏘️-31B Ward Map🏘️-31C Ward Map🏘️-31D Ward Map
🏘️-31A Pct 447🏘️-31B Pct 391🏘️-31C Pct 422🏘️-31D Pct 361
🏘️-31A Pct 501🏘️-31B Pct 392🏘️-31C Pct 423🏘️-31D Pct 362
🏘️-31A Pct 541🏘️-31B Pct 469🏘️-31C Pct 424🏘️-31D Pct 429
🏘️-31A Pct 567🏘️-31B Pct 537🏘️-31C Pct 425🏘️-31D Pct 585
🏘️-31A Pct 590🏘️-31B Pct 539🏘️-31C Pct 448🏘️-31D Pct 586
🏘️-31A Pct 592🏘️-31B Pct 560🏘️-31C Pct 457🏘️-31D Pct 587
🏘️-31A Pct 594🏘️-31B Pct 569🏘️-31C Pct 458🏘️-31D Pct 588
🏘️-31A Pct 665🏘️-31B Pct 608🏘️-31C Pct 470🏘️-31D Pct 598
🏘️-31A Pct 667🏘️-31B Pct 681🏘️-31C Pct 589🏘️-31D Pct 602
🏘️-31A Pct 683🏘️-31C Pct 682
🏘️-31A Pct 684
🏘️-68 Bounds
🏘️-68A Ward Map🏘️-68B All Maps🏘️-68C All Maps
🏘️-68A All Maps🏘️-68B CD Bounds🏘️-68C CD Bounds
🏘️-68A CD Bounds🏘️-68B Ward Map🏘️-68C Ward Map
🏘️-68A Pct 1🏘️-68B Pct 117🏘️-68C Pct 127
🏘️-68A Pct 1 🔎🏘️-68B Pct 128🏘️-68C Pct 175
🏘️-68A Pct 129🏘️-68B Pct 229🏘️-68C Pct 177
🏘️-68A Pct 170🏘️-68B Pct 230🏘️-68C Pct 19
🏘️-68A Pct 176🏘️-68B Pct 231🏘️-68C Pct 201
🏘️-68A Pct 217🏘️-68B Pct 264🏘️-68C Pct 623
🏘️-68A Pct 261🏘️-68B Pct 606🏘️-68C Pct 628
🏘️-68A Pct 631🏘️-68B Pct 625🏘️-68C Pct 635
🏘️-68A Pct 641🏘️-68B Pct 637🏘️-68C Pct 636
🏘️-68A Pct 643🏘️-68B Pct 80🏘️-68C Pct 644
🏘️-68A Pct 87🏘️-68C Pct 68
🏘️-68C Pct 85
🏘️-69 Bounds
🏘️-69 🔎
SD Quick Tips

Senate District Maps

Senate Districts 9-23, 26, 30

Use the Search field to narrow the number of items that display in the table.

NN Only the items in a particular district: e.g., 15
🔎 Enlarged Map Portion
🗺️ Senate District Map (SD)

Click on a link to open the PDF map file. Download it by clicking the icon at the upper right of the screen (to the right of the printer icon).

Ward Quick Tips

Ward Chairs

House Districts: 10-22, 24-31, 44, 68, 69

Click on column headers to sort the table.

Use the Search field to narrow the number of items that display in the table.

NN Only the ward chairs in a particular house district: e.g., 25 or 12D
'>' Only occupied chairs.
'~' (tilde) Only chair vacancies
10BRodriguez, Reina IAlbuquerque >
11AKmak, Robert W (Bob)Albuquerque >
11BMcconaughy, Jeffry DavidAlbuquerque >
11CMcknight, Doreen LynnAlbuquerque >
11DSimpson, Oscar A IIIAlbuquerque >
12COlonovich, Nicole MichelleAlbuquerque >
13BGonzales, Prescilliano MatthewAlbuquerque >
14BEconomou, ZoeAlbuquerque >
15AKelly, Susan LAlbuquerque >
15BRaigoza, Victor PaulAlbuquerque >
15CDigiovanni, Andrew Craig (Drew)Albuquerque >
15DAmes, Jared EarlAlbuquerque >
15EPotter, Deborah AAlbuquerque >
16ALara, DamianAlbuquerque >
16BGirod, Jennifer JAlbuquerque >
16CBaca, Barbara ChristineAlbuquerque >
17AWilkinson, Dorothy AAlbuquerque >
17BKuning, Robert Ross (Bob)Albuquerque >
17CCompton, Lawrence EAlbuquerque >
18AGannon, William LAlbuquerque >
18CLienemann, Sydney HkAlbuquerque >
18DEngelbrecht, Erin NoelAlbuquerque >
19AStevens, Tiffany AmandaAlbuquerque >
19BSutton, Eric AllenAlbuquerque >
19CBelletto, Peter M (Pete)Albuquerque >
20AMargison, Susan H (Sue)Albuquerque >
20BMiller, Bruce HamiltonAlbuquerque >
20CStewart, Sandra JAlbuquerque >
21APierce-Jones, Anne EAlbuquerque >
22AMurphree, Harold W (Spike)Sandia Park >
22BGalbreath, Charlee AnnTijeras >
24ANourie, ZlataAlbuquerque >
24BWrons, Ralph JordanAlbuquerque >
24CDouglas De Baca, Nancy CAlbuquerque >
24DHoran, Margaret P (Maggie)Albuquerque >
25ASzauter, Paul GyulaAlbuquerque >
25BFrampton, Daniel MAlbuquerque >
25CColeman, Rachel AAlbuquerque >
25DPanaiotis, (Panos)Albuquerque >
26ASedillo, Christopher Rudolph (Chris)Albuquerque >
26BPatterson, Candelaria Candy (Candy)Albuquerque >
26CRadoslovich, Julie A.Albuquerque >
27BFast Wolf, Kyle JamesAlbuquerque >
27CRomberg, E Scott (Scotti)Albuquerque >
27DRider, Felicia FAlbuquerque >
28AHightower, Collin LloydAlbuquerque >
28BLange, Cornelia W (Nili)Albuquerque >
28COgrady, Shannon BAlbuquerque >
28DDix, Mary Ann (Mary Ann)Albuquerque >
29BCarrillo, Francisco MAlbuquerque >
29CGriffin, Jo BethAlbuquerque >
30APage, Jaclyn Morgan HopeAlbuquerque >
30BOrr, William F (Willie)Albuquerque >
30CWarne, Barbara E (Be)Albuquerque >
31AMoseley, Kathleen A (Kathy)Albuquerque >
31BSolomon, Thomas A (Tom)Albuquerque >
31CGallegos, Donald AAlbuquerque >
31DSherwood, Laura J (Matt)Albuquerque >
68BAstorga, Stephen EAlbuquerque >
68CSkowran, S Maurreen (Maurreen)Albuquerque >
Pct Quick Tips

Precinct Chairs

Click on column headers to sort the tables.

Use the Search field to narrow the number of items that display in the table.

-NN Chairs in a particular house district: e.g., -25.
p.NNN Precinct chairs
'>' Only occupied chairs.
'~' (tilde) Only chair vacancies
🏘️ House District (HD)
~~ Vacancy
🏘️-10A p.09494~~
🏘️-10A p.09595~~
🏘️-10A p.103103~~
🏘️-10A p.105105~~
🏘️-10A p.106106~~
🏘️-10A p.107107~~
🏘️-10A p.213213~~
🏘️-10A p.258258~~
🏘️-10A p.266266~~
🏘️-10A p.278278~~
🏘️-10B p.07373~~
🏘️-10B p.07575~~
🏘️-10B p.07676~~
🏘️-10B p.09090~~
🏘️-10B p.09191Rodriguez, Richard AAlbuquerque >
🏘️-10B p.09696~~
🏘️-10B p.09898Painter, Marla GAlbuquerque >
🏘️-10B p.09999~~
🏘️-10B p.262262~~
🏘️-10B p.629629~~
🏘️-10C p.09292~~
🏘️-10C p.09393~~
🏘️-10C p.09797~~
🏘️-10C p.144144~~
🏘️-10C p.250250~~
🏘️-10C p.260260~~
🏘️-10C p.270270~~
🏘️-10C p.288288~~
🏘️-10C p.630630~~
🏘️-11A p.151151Gamelsky, Lee DAlbuquerque >
🏘️-11A p.153153Harman, Janet WAlbuquerque >
🏘️-11A p.154154~~
🏘️-11A p.155155~~
🏘️-11A p.162162Gabaldon, Gabriel KennethAlbuquerque >
🏘️-11A p.166166~~
🏘️-11A p.276276~~
🏘️-11A p.640640Shimamoto, Eric MichaelAlbuquerque >
🏘️-11B p.150150Stern-Powell, Devon MAlbuquerque >
🏘️-11B p.152152Mishkin, Sandy JeanAlbuquerque >
🏘️-11B p.181181Partlow, Karen MAlbuquerque >
🏘️-11B p.183183Mcculloch, Cara MAlbuquerque >
🏘️-11B p.184184Lindsey, Byron TrentAlbuquerque >
🏘️-11B p.185185Thiebaut, William (Billy)Albuquerque >
🏘️-11B p.186186Owens, Kenneth GAlbuquerque >
🏘️-11B p.279279~~
🏘️-11B p.646646~~
🏘️-11C p.125125~~
🏘️-11C p.131131~~
🏘️-11C p.163163Ortega, Frances TAlbuquerque >
🏘️-11C p.164164~~
🏘️-11C p.165165Garcia, Felice MAlbuquerque >
🏘️-11C p.212212Naranjo-Lopez, Loretta AAlbuquerque >
🏘️-11C p.221221~~
🏘️-11C p.345345~~
🏘️-11C p.613613~~
🏘️-11D p.161161~~
🏘️-11D p.187187Simpson, Oscar A IIIAlbuquerque >
🏘️-11D p.188188~~
🏘️-11D p.195195~~
🏘️-11D p.196196~~
🏘️-11D p.197197~~
🏘️-11D p.211211~~
🏘️-11D p.346346~~
🏘️-12A p.07171~~
🏘️-12A p.07272~~
🏘️-12A p.07474~~
🏘️-12A p.07777~~
🏘️-12A p.109109~~
🏘️-12A p.240240~~
🏘️-12A p.340340~~
🏘️-12B p.04545~~
🏘️-12B p.06565~~
🏘️-12B p.06666~~
🏘️-12B p.06767~~
🏘️-12B p.139139~~
🏘️-12B p.654654~~
🏘️-12C p.04343~~
🏘️-12C p.04444~~
🏘️-12C p.04949~~
🏘️-12C p.142142~~
🏘️-12C p.143143~~
🏘️-12C p.147147~~
🏘️-12C p.239239~~
🏘️-12C p.269269~~
🏘️-12C p.604604~~
🏘️-13A p.05353~~
🏘️-13A p.05959~~
🏘️-13A p.06060~~
🏘️-13A p.130130~~
🏘️-13A p.138138~~
🏘️-13A p.140140~~
🏘️-13A p.148148~~
🏘️-13A p.237237~~
🏘️-13A p.267267~~
🏘️-13B p.05252Gonzales, Prescilliano MatthewAlbuquerque >
🏘️-13B p.05454~~
🏘️-13B p.141141~~
🏘️-13B p.145145~~
🏘️-13B p.146146~~
🏘️-13B p.247247~~
🏘️-13B p.268268Murphy, Carol AAlbuquerque >
🏘️-13B p.367367~~
🏘️-13B p.600600~~
🏘️-13B p.620620~~
🏘️-13B p.638638~~
🏘️-13B p.655655~~
🏘️-14A p.03232~~
🏘️-14A p.03333~~
🏘️-14A p.04848~~
🏘️-14A p.05050~~
🏘️-14A p.05151~~
🏘️-14A p.149149~~
🏘️-14A p.190190~~
🏘️-14A p.198198~~
🏘️-14A p.236236~~
🏘️-14A p.619619~~
🏘️-14B p.04646~~
🏘️-14B p.04747Norris, Dwayne DAlbuquerque >
🏘️-14B p.06161~~
🏘️-14B p.06262~~
🏘️-14B p.06363~~
🏘️-14B p.06464~~
🏘️-14B p.104104~~
🏘️-14B p.135135~~
🏘️-14B p.234234~~
🏘️-14C p.121121Bryson, Lara HayesAlbuquerque >
🏘️-14C p.122122Greenlee, Jason RAlbuquerque >
🏘️-14C p.123123~~
🏘️-14C p.124124Grothus, Barbara J (Barb)Albuquerque >
🏘️-14C p.132132Semiglia, Mario MAlbuquerque >
🏘️-14C p.133133Padilla, Lisa MAlbuquerque >
🏘️-14C p.224224~~
🏘️-14C p.225225~~
🏘️-14C p.226226~~
🏘️-14C p.634634~~
🏘️-15A p.0044Powell, Ray BennettLos Ranchos >
🏘️-15A p.0055Litsinger, Carl ShallusLos Ranchos >
🏘️-15A p.0077Stevenson, Marcia KayLos Ranchos >
🏘️-15A p.0088~~
🏘️-15A p.0099Mcmahan, Kelly MAlbuquerque >
🏘️-15A p.01313Eastin, Lisa AAlbuquerque >
🏘️-15A p.108108Cobb, Sarah WLos Ranchos >
🏘️-15A p.219219Passalaqua, Cheryl AnnAlbuquerque >
🏘️-15B p.01616Bodwell, Eric WAlbuquerque >
🏘️-15B p.01717Eby, Lynn CLos Ranchos >
🏘️-15B p.01818~~
🏘️-15B p.218218Gallegos, Shirley MAlbuquerque >
🏘️-15B p.259259~~
🏘️-15B p.369369Giron, Adam GregoryAlbuquerque >
🏘️-15B p.455455~~
🏘️-15B p.661661~~
🏘️-15B p.668668Christiansen, Terri AAlbuquerque >
🏘️-15C p.01111Schoenburg, PeterAlbuquerque >
🏘️-15C p.01212~~
🏘️-15C p.126126Levin, SharonAlbuquerque >
🏘️-15C p.180180~~
🏘️-15C p.182182~~
🏘️-15C p.191191Sierra, Christine MarieAlbuquerque >
🏘️-15C p.257257~~
🏘️-15C p.277277~~
🏘️-15D p.01414Mc Neill, SandyAlbuquerque >
🏘️-15D p.01515~~
🏘️-15D p.192192Smith, Michael I (Mike)Albuquerque >
🏘️-15D p.193193Wood, David AAlbuquerque >
🏘️-15D p.194194Indritz, Tova MAlbuquerque >
🏘️-15D p.375375Carpenter, Muriel NaomiAlbuquerque >
🏘️-15D p.438438~~
🏘️-15D p.581581~~
🏘️-15D p.651651~~
🏘️-15E p.0066Dever, Mary F (Franny)Albuquerque >
🏘️-15E p.01010~~
🏘️-15E p.08686Minear, Robert CAlbuquerque >
🏘️-15E p.220220Potter, Deborah AAlbuquerque >
🏘️-15E p.238238~~
🏘️-16A p.02121~~
🏘️-16A p.02222~~
🏘️-16A p.02525~~
🏘️-16A p.03030~~
🏘️-16A p.169169Harrison, Wendell Nicholas (Nick)Albuquerque >
🏘️-16A p.178178~~
🏘️-16A p.189189Calderon Godina, IrisAlbuquerque >
🏘️-16A p.209209~~
🏘️-16A p.210210~~
🏘️-16A p.614614~~
🏘️-16A p.615615~~
🏘️-16A p.616616~~
🏘️-16B p.02323~~
🏘️-16B p.02626~~
🏘️-16B p.02727Garcia, Daniel AlfredoAlbuquerque >
🏘️-16B p.02828~~
🏘️-16B p.03939Leiva, Daniel Gilber (Danny)Albuquerque >
🏘️-16B p.156156~~
🏘️-16B p.167167Griego, Saul RAlbuquerque >
🏘️-16B p.168168~~
🏘️-16B p.263263Duarte, MarsellaAlbuquerque >
🏘️-16C p.03636~~
🏘️-16C p.03737Toth, Kendra DoraAlbuquerque >
🏘️-16C p.03838~~
🏘️-16C p.04040~~
🏘️-16C p.119119~~
🏘️-16C p.199199~~
🏘️-16C p.607607~~
🏘️-16C p.618618~~
🏘️-16C p.633633Zurek, Agnes A (Nessie)Albuquerque >
🏘️-17A p.0022~~
🏘️-17A p.06969~~
🏘️-17A p.116116~~
🏘️-17A p.171171Lang, Jacqueline Katherine (Jackie)Albuquerque >
🏘️-17A p.173173~~
🏘️-17A p.174174~~
🏘️-17A p.232232~~
🏘️-17A p.248248~~
🏘️-17A p.610610~~
🏘️-17A p.642642~~
🏘️-17A p.686686~~
🏘️-17B p.0033~~
🏘️-17B p.07878~~
🏘️-17B p.07979~~
🏘️-17B p.08484Eberhardt, Carole AdAlbuquerque >
🏘️-17B p.08989Kuning, Patricia Ross (Patty)Albuquerque >
🏘️-17B p.172172~~
🏘️-17B p.179179~~
🏘️-17B p.200200Wolinsky, Susan Mary (Sue)Albuquerque >
🏘️-17B p.624624~~
🏘️-17B p.627627~~
🏘️-17B p.645645~~
🏘️-17C p.08282~~
🏘️-17C p.08383~~
🏘️-17C p.100100~~
🏘️-17C p.114114~~
🏘️-17C p.202202~~
🏘️-17C p.203203~~
🏘️-17C p.222222Warner, Geralyn M (Gerri)Albuquerque >
🏘️-17C p.249249~~
🏘️-17C p.605605~~
🏘️-17C p.647647~~
🏘️-18A p.216216~~
🏘️-18A p.338338Gerwin, Spencer NAlbuquerque >
🏘️-18A p.341341~~
🏘️-18A p.342342~~
🏘️-18A p.343343~~
🏘️-18A p.344344Gannon, William LAlbuquerque >
🏘️-18A p.355355Loper, Nancy JAlbuquerque >
🏘️-18A p.356356~~
🏘️-18A p.357357~~
🏘️-18B p.214214~~
🏘️-18B p.215215~~
🏘️-18B p.223223~~
🏘️-18B p.241241~~
🏘️-18B p.351351~~
🏘️-18B p.352352~~
🏘️-18B p.353353~~
🏘️-18B p.358358~~
🏘️-18B p.381381~~
🏘️-18B p.382382Palmer, Melora SAlbuquerque >
🏘️-18C p.101101~~
🏘️-18C p.102102~~
🏘️-18C p.235235~~
🏘️-18C p.242242~~
🏘️-18C p.243243~~
🏘️-18C p.244244Tapia, Joseph MAlbuquerque >
🏘️-18C p.245245~~
🏘️-18C p.246246~~
🏘️-18C p.251251~~
🏘️-18D p.252252Howell, C Rachael (Rachael)Albuquerque >
🏘️-18D p.253253~~
🏘️-18D p.254254Robinson, Frederick Crawford (Fred)Albuquerque >
🏘️-18D p.255255Schroeder, SandraAlbuquerque >
🏘️-18D p.256256Berlin, Robert AAlbuquerque >
🏘️-18D p.273273Meaders, MichelleAlbuquerque >
🏘️-18D p.274274~~
🏘️-19A p.283283~~
🏘️-19A p.285285~~
🏘️-19A p.286286~~
🏘️-19A p.287287~~
🏘️-19A p.326326~~
🏘️-19A p.327327~~
🏘️-19A p.378378~~
🏘️-19A p.379379~~
🏘️-19A p.591591~~
🏘️-19B p.311311~~
🏘️-19B p.312312Dean, Colton RAlbuquerque >
🏘️-19B p.318318~~
🏘️-19B p.321321Bearce, Nancy MarieAlbuquerque >
🏘️-19B p.322322~~
🏘️-19B p.323323~~
🏘️-19B p.336336~~
🏘️-19B p.383383~~
🏘️-19B p.384384Hossley, William FrederickAlbuquerque >
🏘️-19C p.271271~~
🏘️-19C p.272272Comstock, John AlanAlbuquerque >
🏘️-19C p.275275~~
🏘️-19C p.280280~~
🏘️-19C p.281281~~
🏘️-19C p.282282~~
🏘️-19C p.284284~~
🏘️-20A p.296296~~
🏘️-20A p.298298Mcgee, Lovie LAlbuquerque >
🏘️-20A p.299299~~
🏘️-20A p.301301Giacci, Elena MAlbuquerque >
🏘️-20A p.302302Harris, Susan LAlbuquerque >
🏘️-20A p.303303Bean, Kevin MAlbuquerque >
🏘️-20A p.330330~~
🏘️-20A p.331331~~
🏘️-20A p.333333Alexander, Melissa MarieAlbuquerque >
🏘️-20A p.348348Moskal, Mary EAlbuquerque >
🏘️-20B p.289289~~
🏘️-20B p.290290~~
🏘️-20B p.294294~~
🏘️-20B p.319319~~
🏘️-20B p.324324~~
🏘️-20B p.325325~~
🏘️-20B p.332332Romano, Susan KathrynAlbuquerque >
🏘️-20B p.334334~~
🏘️-20B p.349349~~
🏘️-20B p.350350~~
🏘️-20B p.660660Anderson, Thomas Edward JrAlbuquerque >
🏘️-20C p.304304Hardgrave, Joel EAlbuquerque >
🏘️-20C p.305305Powell, Charles RAlbuquerque >
🏘️-20C p.306306~~
🏘️-20C p.307307Burr, Sherri LAlbuquerque >
🏘️-20C p.309309~~
🏘️-20C p.393393~~
🏘️-20C p.549549Powdrell, Byron KAlbuquerque >
🏘️-20C p.550550Minks, Judith (Judy)Albuquerque >
🏘️-20C p.657657Stewart, Sandra J (Sandy)Albuquerque >
🏘️-20C p.658658~~
🏘️-20C p.659659~~
🏘️-21A p.291291Sarinana, Debra MarieAlbuquerque >
🏘️-21A p.292292~~
🏘️-21A p.293293~~
🏘️-21A p.295295~~
🏘️-21A p.297297~~
🏘️-21A p.300300~~
🏘️-21A p.335335French, Patricia J (Patty)Albuquerque >
🏘️-21A p.534534~~
🏘️-21A p.542542~~
🏘️-21A p.543543~~
🏘️-21A p.544544~~
🏘️-21A p.656656Caddy, Lynn OAlbuquerque >
🏘️-21B p.310310~~
🏘️-21B p.316316Gandert, Joseph WAlbuquerque >
🏘️-21B p.320320~~
🏘️-21B p.328328~~
🏘️-21B p.329329~~
🏘️-21B p.337337~~
🏘️-21B p.363363~~
🏘️-21B p.475475~~
🏘️-21B p.477477~~
🏘️-21B p.478478~~
🏘️-21B p.671671~~
🏘️-22A p.555555Keller, Kaylee RideTijeras >
🏘️-22A p.556556Velasquez, Christopher ASandia Park >
🏘️-22A p.557557Pyskoty, Charlene ETijeras >
🏘️-22A p.558558Barnhart, Gwendolyn Irene (Gwen)Cedar Crest >
🏘️-22A p.559559~~
🏘️-22A p.566566~~
🏘️-22A p.570570Boyson, William ECedar Crest >
🏘️-22A p.573573~~
🏘️-22A p.574574Rogers, Steven AAlbuquerque >
🏘️-22A p.575575~~
🏘️-22A p.576576~~
🏘️-22A p.580580~~
🏘️-22A p.603603~~
🏘️-22B p.551551~~
🏘️-22B p.552552Crouch, Chris Ann (Chris)Tijeras >
🏘️-22B p.553553~~
🏘️-22B p.554554Galbreath, Charlee AnnTijeras >
🏘️-22B p.571571Atha, Norman TheodoreTijeras >
🏘️-22B p.572572~~
🏘️-22B p.577577~~
🏘️-22B p.578578~~
🏘️-22B p.579579~~
🏘️-22B p.582582~~
🏘️-22B p.595595~~
🏘️-22B p.596596~~
🏘️-22B p.597597~~
🏘️-24A p.461461~~
🏘️-24A p.462462~~
🏘️-24A p.466466Williams, Maria BourdettAlbuquerque >
🏘️-24A p.491491De Angelis, Emilie MarieAlbuquerque >
🏘️-24A p.492492Maier, Deborah MAlbuquerque >
🏘️-24A p.493493~~
🏘️-24A p.494494Lindsay, Wayne SummyAlbuquerque >
🏘️-24A p.495495Fraser-Walters, Pamela A M (Pam)Albuquerque >
🏘️-24A p.497497Fricke, Michael PhilipAlbuquerque >
🏘️-24B p.413413Regalado, Ryan (Ryan)Albuquerque >
🏘️-24B p.414414Jones, Jennifer KathleenAlbuquerque >
🏘️-24B p.415415~~
🏘️-24B p.416416~~
🏘️-24B p.417417~~
🏘️-24B p.471471Tiwald, Barbara RAlbuquerque >
🏘️-24B p.472472~~
🏘️-24B p.473473~~
🏘️-24B p.476476~~
🏘️-24B p.663663~~
🏘️-24C p.463463~~
🏘️-24C p.464464~~
🏘️-24C p.465465~~
🏘️-24C p.474474~~
🏘️-24C p.503503~~
🏘️-24C p.505505~~
🏘️-24C p.531531Ellis, Kaity PAlbuquerque >
🏘️-24C p.533533Baca, Robert JAlbuquerque >
🏘️-24C p.670670~~
🏘️-24D p.502502~~
🏘️-24D p.504504~~
🏘️-24D p.506506~~
🏘️-24D p.507507Horan, Margaret P (Maggie)Albuquerque >
🏘️-24D p.508508~~
🏘️-24D p.509509~~
🏘️-24D p.514514~~
🏘️-24D p.515515~~
🏘️-24D p.516516~~
🏘️-24D p.528528~~
🏘️-25A p.374374Minot, Tatiana EAlbuquerque >
🏘️-25A p.377377Mcintosh, Molly BrookeAlbuquerque >
🏘️-25A p.431431~~
🏘️-25A p.432432Rogers, Justin CharlesAlbuquerque >
🏘️-25A p.433433~~
🏘️-25A p.434434~~
🏘️-25A p.442442Milhollin, Louise WadeAlbuquerque >
🏘️-25A p.443443~~
🏘️-25A p.444444~~
🏘️-25B p.401401~~
🏘️-25B p.402402~~
🏘️-25B p.411411~~
🏘️-25B p.412412~~
🏘️-25B p.441441~~
🏘️-25B p.445445Olivas, EricAlbuquerque >
🏘️-25B p.446446~~
🏘️-25C p.313313~~
🏘️-25C p.314314Dyrcz, John TAlbuquerque >
🏘️-25C p.315315Benton, Michele KAlbuquerque >
🏘️-25C p.317317Radloff, Roger JAlbuquerque >
🏘️-25C p.354354~~
🏘️-25C p.371371Klesert, Joseph A (Joe)Albuquerque >
🏘️-25C p.372372Bushnell, Darcy Mf SusannAlbuquerque >
🏘️-25C p.373373Jernigan, Donna WellsAlbuquerque >
🏘️-25C p.385385Valentine, Christina PetraAlbuquerque >
🏘️-25C p.386386Klesert, Claudia RaeAlbuquerque >
🏘️-25C p.387387Crespin, Manuel Tony (Manny) JrAlbuquerque >
🏘️-25D p.347347~~
🏘️-25D p.400400Kiser, Karl RAlbuquerque >
🏘️-25D p.403403Berghmans, Heather JeanAlbuquerque >
🏘️-25D p.404404~~
🏘️-25D p.405405Bradley, Joan MAlbuquerque >
🏘️-25D p.435435~~
🏘️-25D p.436436~~
🏘️-25D p.437437~~
🏘️-26A p.03131Yazzie-Salas, Liza RoseTohajiilee >
🏘️-26A p.04141Batte-Garcia, Cora LAlbuquerque >
🏘️-26A p.04242Chavez, EleanorAlbuquerque >
🏘️-26A p.05656Rice, Michael DavidAlbuquerque >
🏘️-26A p.05858Saenz, NancyAlbuquerque >
🏘️-26A p.08888~~
🏘️-26A p.137137Duran-Lopez, Francesca StephanieAlbuquerque >
🏘️-26A p.621621~~
🏘️-26B p.07070~~Albuquerque >
🏘️-26B p.120120Lujan, Frances AnnAlbuquerque >
🏘️-26B p.134134~~
🏘️-26B p.157157Ohiri, Manny NAlbuquerque >
🏘️-26B p.158158~~
🏘️-26B p.394394C De Baca, LouiseAlbuquerque >
🏘️-26B p.399399Martinez, Joshua SAlbuquerque >
🏘️-26B p.599599~~
🏘️-26C p.03434~~
🏘️-26C p.03535~~
🏘️-26C p.05555~~
🏘️-26C p.136136~~
🏘️-26C p.233233~~
🏘️-26C p.265265~~
🏘️-26C p.653653~~
🏘️-26C p.687687~~
🏘️-27A p.410410~~
🏘️-27A p.418418Snedeker, Philip AAlbuquerque >
🏘️-27A p.459459~~
🏘️-27A p.485485~~
🏘️-27A p.486486~~
🏘️-27A p.487487~~
🏘️-27A p.510510~~
🏘️-27A p.664664~~
🏘️-27A p.674674Larranaga, Chris PhillipAlbuquerque >
🏘️-27B p.398398Foster, Abby ChristineAlbuquerque >
🏘️-27B p.426426~~
🏘️-27B p.456456~~
🏘️-27B p.460460~~
🏘️-27B p.467467~~
🏘️-27B p.479479~~
🏘️-27B p.584584~~
🏘️-27B p.601601~~
🏘️-27B p.669669~~
🏘️-27B p.685685~~
🏘️-27C p.360360Apodaca, Clara RAlbuquerque >
🏘️-27C p.427427Fleming, Linda KayeAlbuquerque >
🏘️-27C p.450450Schott, David KevinAlbuquerque >
🏘️-27C p.468468Fay, Daniel RileyAlbuquerque >
🏘️-27C p.482482Collier, Thomas KAlbuquerque >
🏘️-27C p.538538Gunn Miles, Diane PAlbuquerque >
🏘️-27C p.563563~~
🏘️-27C p.568568~~
🏘️-27C p.593593~~
🏘️-27C p.679679~~
🏘️-27D p.366366Nordquist, HeatherAlbuquerque >
🏘️-27D p.376376~~
🏘️-27D p.380380Jetty, Charles EAlbuquerque >
🏘️-27D p.449449~~
🏘️-27D p.451451Seeley, Greg (Greg)Albuquerque >
🏘️-27D p.452452Sloan, Terry AAlbuquerque >
🏘️-27D p.453453Marcotte, Kathryn L (Katy)Albuquerque >
🏘️-27D p.483483Rider, William JacksonAlbuquerque >
🏘️-27D p.562562Chavez, LeighanneAlbuquerque >
🏘️-28A p.389389~~
🏘️-28A p.480480~~
🏘️-28A p.517517~~
🏘️-28A p.518518~~
🏘️-28A p.519519~~
🏘️-28A p.521521~~
🏘️-28A p.524524~~
🏘️-28A p.525525~~
🏘️-28A p.672672~~
🏘️-28A p.676676~~
🏘️-28B p.308308~~
🏘️-28B p.395395Skorheim, Alexander PeterAlbuquerque >
🏘️-28B p.532532~~
🏘️-28B p.535535~~
🏘️-28B p.536536Britton, Pamela SusanAlbuquerque >
🏘️-28B p.540540Donkersley, Gloria E (Evangeline)Albuquerque >
🏘️-28B p.545545Herndon, Pamelya PAlbuquerque >
🏘️-28B p.546546~~
🏘️-28B p.547547~~
🏘️-28B p.561561~~
🏘️-28B p.680680~~
🏘️-28C p.364364~~
🏘️-28C p.526526Ogrady, Shannon BAlbuquerque >
🏘️-28C p.527527Cilke, Patricia Ruth (Patty)Albuquerque >
🏘️-28C p.530530Dominguez, Josefina ElizabetAlbuquerque >
🏘️-28C p.548548~~
🏘️-28C p.564564Dyer, Elizabeth Claire (Liz)Albuquerque >
🏘️-28C p.565565Carter, Randolph Lee (Randy)Albuquerque >
🏘️-28C p.678678~~
🏘️-28D p.365365~~
🏘️-28D p.390390~~
🏘️-28D p.396396Beard, Edwina TAlbuquerque >
🏘️-28D p.397397Wilder, Julie AAlbuquerque >
🏘️-28D p.428428~~
🏘️-28D p.430430~~
🏘️-28D p.454454~~
🏘️-28D p.520520Steinkamp, Mara PAlbuquerque >
🏘️-28D p.522522~~
🏘️-29A p.08181~~
🏘️-29A p.115115~~
🏘️-29A p.118118~~
🏘️-29A p.205205~~
🏘️-29A p.206206~~
🏘️-29A p.227227~~
🏘️-29A p.228228~~
🏘️-29A p.611611~~
🏘️-29A p.612612~~
🏘️-29A p.626626~~
🏘️-29A p.632632~~
🏘️-29A p.652652~~
🏘️-29B p.02020Lakin, Laura IAlbuquerque >
🏘️-29B p.110110~~
🏘️-29B p.111111~~
🏘️-29B p.112112~~
🏘️-29B p.113113~~
🏘️-29B p.204204~~
🏘️-29B p.207207~~
🏘️-29B p.208208~~
🏘️-29B p.648648~~
🏘️-29B p.649649~~
🏘️-29B p.650650~~
🏘️-29C p.02424~~
🏘️-29C p.02929Valdez, TravisAlbuquerque >
🏘️-29C p.05757Austin, Mary CAlbuquerque >
🏘️-29C p.159159~~
🏘️-29C p.160160Hobkirk, Jessica LynnAlbuquerque >
🏘️-29C p.609609~~
🏘️-29C p.617617~~
🏘️-29C p.622622~~
🏘️-29C p.639639~~
🏘️-30A p.339339Page, Francis PAlbuquerque >
🏘️-30A p.359359Mack, Carolyn JAlbuquerque >
🏘️-30A p.370370~~
🏘️-30A p.409409~~
🏘️-30A p.419419~~
🏘️-30A p.420420~~
🏘️-30A p.421421~~
🏘️-30A p.440440~~
🏘️-30B p.407407~~
🏘️-30B p.488488~~
🏘️-30B p.489489Lund, Sheridan JAlbuquerque >
🏘️-30B p.490490Grace, BrianAlbuquerque >
🏘️-30B p.529529~~
🏘️-30B p.662662~~
🏘️-30B p.673673~~
🏘️-30B p.677677~~
🏘️-30C p.406406~~
🏘️-30C p.408408Thorne-Lehman, Jennifer KayAlbuquerque >
🏘️-30C p.439439Esdale, Ralph David (Dave)Albuquerque >
🏘️-30C p.481481~~
🏘️-30C p.496496~~
🏘️-30C p.498498Hoover, Kevin EdwardAlbuquerque >
🏘️-30C p.499499Smith, Roberta AnnAlbuquerque >
🏘️-30C p.500500Marquis, John SietzAlbuquerque >
🏘️-30C p.666666Hawkins, Heidi EAlbuquerque >
🏘️-30D p.368368~~
🏘️-30D p.388388~~
🏘️-30D p.484484~~
🏘️-30D p.511511~~
🏘️-30D p.512512~~
🏘️-30D p.513513~~
🏘️-30D p.523523~~
🏘️-30D p.583583~~
🏘️-30D p.675675~~
🏘️-31A p.447447Barudin, Ann ChavezAlbuquerque >
🏘️-31A p.501501~~
🏘️-31A p.541541Peterson, Carl LAlbuquerque >
🏘️-31A p.567567Abich Oliva, OsanaAlbuquerque >
🏘️-31A p.590590Montoya, Jeannie LAlbuquerque >
🏘️-31A p.592592Haase, Cheryl LynnAlbuquerque >
🏘️-31A p.594594Dara, Amanda GAlbuquerque >
🏘️-31A p.665665Christodoulou, Athena AnnAlbuquerque >
🏘️-31A p.667667~~
🏘️-31A p.683683~~
🏘️-31A p.684684~~
🏘️-31B p.391391~~
🏘️-31B p.392392Behrendt, Robert HAlbuquerque >
🏘️-31B p.469469Womack, Gail LynnAlbuquerque >
🏘️-31B p.537537Rochman, Julie AnnAlbuquerque >
🏘️-31B p.539539Mckinnon, Barbara ReneAlbuquerque >
🏘️-31B p.560560~~
🏘️-31B p.569569Sullivan, Pamela J (Pam)Albuquerque >
🏘️-31B p.608608~~
🏘️-31B p.681681~~
🏘️-31C p.422422Gallegos, Donald AAlbuquerque >
🏘️-31C p.423423~~
🏘️-31C p.424424~~
🏘️-31C p.425425~~
🏘️-31C p.448448~~
🏘️-31C p.457457~~
🏘️-31C p.458458~~
🏘️-31C p.470470~~
🏘️-31C p.589589~~
🏘️-31C p.682682~~
🏘️-31D p.361361~~
🏘️-31D p.362362Galbraith, Charles FAlbuquerque >
🏘️-31D p.429429Estrada-Bustillo, Vicky GAlbuquerque >
🏘️-31D p.585585Singaraju, Camille HAlbuquerque >
🏘️-31D p.586586Miller, Judith AAlbuquerque >
🏘️-31D p.587587Nussbaum, Carmelita MAlbuquerque >
🏘️-31D p.588588Krimsky, Lauren JAlbuquerque >
🏘️-31D p.598598~~
🏘️-31D p.602602~~
🏘️-68A p.0011~~
🏘️-68A p.08787~~
🏘️-68A p.129129~~
🏘️-68A p.170170~~
🏘️-68A p.176176~~
🏘️-68A p.217217~~
🏘️-68A p.261261~~
🏘️-68A p.631631~~
🏘️-68A p.641641Germain, MarjorieAlbuquerque >
🏘️-68A p.643643Laabs, VivianAlbuquerque >
🏘️-68B p.08080~~
🏘️-68B p.117117Fresquez, Deanna TAlbuquerque >
🏘️-68B p.128128~~
🏘️-68B p.229229~~
🏘️-68B p.230230Astorga, Stephen EAlbuquerque >
🏘️-68B p.231231~~
🏘️-68B p.264264~~
🏘️-68B p.606606~~
🏘️-68B p.625625~~
🏘️-68B p.637637~~
🏘️-68C p.01919~~
🏘️-68C p.06868~~
🏘️-68C p.08585~~
🏘️-68C p.127127~~
🏘️-68C p.175175Rojas, Bryan JAlbuquerque >
🏘️-68C p.177177~~
🏘️-68C p.201201~~
🏘️-68C p.623623~~
🏘️-68C p.628628~~
🏘️-68C p.635635Skowran, S Maurreen (Maurreen)Albuquerque >
🏘️-68C p.636636~~
🏘️-68C p.644644~~

For more sophisticated ward and precinct chair searches and to download their search result lists, visit the relevant pages linked below that provide this functionality.


Poli District Tips

The chart shows only those political district assignments for which there are elections involved in the 2024 election cycle and that may not be House District aligned. These include:

  • Congressional Districts
  • State Senate Districts
  • County Commission Districts

Click on column headers to sort the tables.

Use the Search field to narrow the number of items that display in the table.

Head Search Description
House District search
PCT p.N Precinct
CD cd:N Congressional District
SSD ss:N State Senate District
CCD cc:N County Commission District

The sort function is only available if there is nothing in the Search field. To do a sort and search, 

  • Clear the Search field
  • Click a column header to sort the column
  • Type a value in the search field.
🏘️-10A p.09494cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-10A p.09595cd:2ss:13cc:3
🏘️-10A p.103103cd:1ss:13cc:3
🏘️-10A p.105105cd:1ss:13cc:3
🏘️-10A p.106106cd:2ss:13cc:3
🏘️-10A p.107107cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-10A p.213213cd:1ss:14cc:2
🏘️-10A p.258258cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-10A p.266266cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-10A p.278278cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-10B p.07373cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-10B p.07575cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-10B p.07676cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-10B p.09090cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-10B p.09191cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-10B p.09696cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-10B p.09898cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-10B p.09999cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-10B p.262262cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-10B p.629629cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-10C p.09292cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-10C p.09393cd:2ss:30cc:2
🏘️-10C p.09797cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-10C p.144144cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-10C p.250250cd:2ss:30cc:2
🏘️-10C p.260260cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-10C p.270270cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-10C p.288288cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-10C p.630630cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-11A p.151151cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-11A p.153153cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-11A p.154154cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-11A p.155155cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-11A p.162162cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-11A p.166166cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-11A p.276276cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-11A p.640640cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-11B p.150150cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-11B p.152152cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-11B p.181181cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-11B p.183183cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-11B p.184184cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-11B p.185185cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-11B p.186186cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-11B p.279279cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-11B p.646646cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-11C p.125125cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-11C p.131131cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-11C p.163163cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-11C p.164164cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-11C p.165165cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-11C p.212212cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-11C p.221221cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-11C p.345345cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-11C p.613613cd:1ss:13cc:3
🏘️-11D p.161161cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-11D p.187187cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-11D p.188188cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-11D p.195195cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-11D p.196196cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-11D p.197197cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-11D p.211211cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-11D p.346346cd:1ss:15cc:3
🏘️-12A p.07171cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-12A p.07272cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-12A p.07474cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-12A p.07777cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-12A p.109109cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-12A p.240240cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-12A p.340340cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-12B p.04545cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-12B p.06565cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-12B p.06666cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-12B p.06767cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-12B p.139139cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-12B p.654654cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-12C p.04343cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-12C p.04444cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-12C p.04949cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-12C p.142142cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-12C p.143143cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-12C p.147147cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-12C p.239239cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-12C p.269269cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-12C p.604604cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-13A p.05353cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-13A p.05959cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-13A p.06060cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-13A p.130130cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-13A p.138138cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-13A p.140140cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-13A p.148148cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-13A p.237237cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-13A p.267267cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-13B p.05252cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-13B p.05454cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-13B p.141141cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-13B p.145145cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-13B p.146146cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-13B p.247247cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-13B p.268268cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-13B p.367367cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-13B p.600600cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-13B p.620620cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-13B p.638638cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-13B p.655655cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-14A p.03232cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-14A p.03333cd:2ss:26cc:2
🏘️-14A p.04848cd:2ss:26cc:2
🏘️-14A p.05050cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-14A p.05151cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-14A p.149149cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-14A p.190190cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-14A p.198198cd:2ss:26cc:2
🏘️-14A p.236236cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-14A p.619619cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-14B p.04646cd:2ss:26cc:2
🏘️-14B p.04747cd:2ss:26cc:2
🏘️-14B p.06161cd:2ss:26cc:2
🏘️-14B p.06262cd:2ss:26cc:2
🏘️-14B p.06363cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-14B p.06464cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-14B p.104104cd:2ss:13cc:3
🏘️-14B p.135135cd:2ss:13cc:2
🏘️-14B p.234234cd:2ss:26cc:2
🏘️-14C p.121121cd:1ss:10cc:2
🏘️-14C p.122122cd:1ss:13cc:2
🏘️-14C p.123123cd:1ss:13cc:2
🏘️-14C p.124124cd:1ss:13cc:2
🏘️-14C p.132132cd:1ss:13cc:2
🏘️-14C p.133133cd:1ss:13cc:2
🏘️-14C p.224224cd:1ss:13cc:3
🏘️-14C p.225225cd:1ss:13cc:2
🏘️-14C p.226226cd:1ss:13cc:2
🏘️-14C p.634634cd:1ss:10cc:2
🏘️-15A p.0044cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-15A p.0055cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-15A p.0077cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-15A p.0088cd:1ss:10cc:4
🏘️-15A p.0099cd:1ss:10cc:4
🏘️-15A p.01313cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-15A p.108108cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-15A p.219219cd:1ss:10cc:4
🏘️-15B p.01616cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-15B p.01717cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-15B p.01818cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-15B p.218218cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-15B p.259259cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-15B p.369369cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-15B p.455455cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-15B p.661661cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-15B p.668668cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-15C p.01111cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-15C p.01212cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-15C p.126126cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-15C p.180180cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-15C p.182182cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-15C p.191191cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-15C p.257257cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-15C p.277277cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-15D p.01414cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-15D p.01515cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-15D p.192192cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-15D p.193193cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-15D p.194194cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-15D p.375375cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-15D p.438438cd:1ss:15cc:3
🏘️-15D p.581581cd:1ss:15cc:3
🏘️-15D p.651651cd:1ss:13cc:1
🏘️-15E p.0066cd:1ss:10cc:4
🏘️-15E p.01010cd:1ss:10cc:4
🏘️-15E p.08686cd:1ss:10cc:4
🏘️-15E p.220220cd:1ss:10cc:4
🏘️-15E p.238238cd:1ss:10cc:4
🏘️-16A p.02121cd:1ss:23cc:1
🏘️-16A p.02222cd:1ss:23cc:1
🏘️-16A p.02525cd:1ss:23cc:1
🏘️-16A p.03030cd:1ss:23cc:1
🏘️-16A p.169169cd:1ss:26cc:1
🏘️-16A p.178178cd:1ss:26cc:1
🏘️-16A p.189189cd:1ss:26cc:1
🏘️-16A p.209209cd:1ss:23cc:1
🏘️-16A p.210210cd:1ss:23cc:1
🏘️-16A p.614614cd:1ss:23cc:1
🏘️-16A p.615615cd:1ss:23cc:1
🏘️-16A p.616616cd:1ss:23cc:1
🏘️-16B p.02323cd:1ss:26cc:1
🏘️-16B p.02626cd:1ss:23cc:1
🏘️-16B p.02727cd:1ss:26cc:1
🏘️-16B p.02828cd:1ss:26cc:1
🏘️-16B p.03939cd:1ss:26cc:1
🏘️-16B p.156156cd:2ss:26cc:1
🏘️-16B p.167167cd:1ss:26cc:1
🏘️-16B p.168168cd:1ss:23cc:1
🏘️-16B p.263263cd:1ss:26cc:1
🏘️-16C p.03636cd:2ss:26cc:1
🏘️-16C p.03737cd:2ss:26cc:1
🏘️-16C p.03838cd:2ss:26cc:1
🏘️-16C p.04040cd:2ss:26cc:1
🏘️-16C p.119119cd:2ss:26cc:1
🏘️-16C p.199199cd:2ss:26cc:1
🏘️-16C p.607607cd:2ss:26cc:1
🏘️-16C p.618618cd:2ss:26cc:1
🏘️-16C p.633633cd:2ss:26cc:1
🏘️-17A p.0022cd:1ss:9cc:4
🏘️-17A p.06969cd:1ss:12cc:4
🏘️-17A p.116116cd:1ss:12cc:4
🏘️-17A p.171171cd:1ss:9cc:4
🏘️-17A p.173173cd:1ss:9cc:4
🏘️-17A p.174174cd:1ss:12cc:4
🏘️-17A p.232232cd:1ss:9cc:4
🏘️-17A p.248248cd:1ss:9cc:4
🏘️-17A p.610610cd:1ss:12cc:4
🏘️-17A p.642642cd:1ss:9cc:4
🏘️-17A p.686686cd:1ss:12cc:4
🏘️-17B p.0033cd:1ss:10cc:4
🏘️-17B p.07878cd:1ss:9cc:4
🏘️-17B p.07979cd:1ss:9cc:4
🏘️-17B p.08484cd:1ss:9cc:4
🏘️-17B p.08989cd:1ss:9cc:4
🏘️-17B p.172172cd:1ss:9cc:4
🏘️-17B p.179179cd:1ss:9cc:4
🏘️-17B p.200200cd:1ss:9cc:4
🏘️-17B p.624624cd:1ss:9cc:4
🏘️-17B p.627627cd:1ss:9cc:4
🏘️-17B p.645645cd:1ss:10cc:4
🏘️-17C p.08282cd:2ss:10cc:1
🏘️-17C p.08383cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-17C p.100100cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-17C p.114114cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-17C p.202202cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-17C p.203203cd:2ss:10cc:1
🏘️-17C p.222222cd:1ss:10cc:4
🏘️-17C p.249249cd:1ss:23cc:1
🏘️-17C p.605605cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-17C p.647647cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-18A p.216216cd:1ss:13cc:3
🏘️-18A p.338338cd:1ss:13cc:3
🏘️-18A p.341341cd:1ss:13cc:3
🏘️-18A p.342342cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-18A p.343343cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-18A p.344344cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-18A p.355355cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-18A p.356356cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-18A p.357357cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-18B p.214214cd:1ss:13cc:3
🏘️-18B p.215215cd:1ss:13cc:3
🏘️-18B p.223223cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-18B p.241241cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-18B p.351351cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-18B p.352352cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-18B p.353353cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-18B p.358358cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-18B p.381381cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-18B p.382382cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-18C p.101101cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-18C p.102102cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-18C p.235235cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-18C p.242242cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-18C p.243243cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-18C p.244244cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-18C p.245245cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-18C p.246246cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-18C p.251251cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-18D p.252252cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-18D p.253253cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-18D p.254254cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-18D p.255255cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-18D p.256256cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-18D p.273273cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-18D p.274274cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-19A p.283283cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-19A p.285285cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-19A p.286286cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-19A p.287287cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-19A p.326326cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-19A p.327327cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-19A p.378378cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-19A p.379379cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-19A p.591591cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-19B p.311311cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-19B p.312312cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-19B p.318318cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-19B p.321321cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-19B p.322322cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-19B p.323323cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-19B p.336336cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-19B p.383383cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-19B p.384384cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-19C p.271271cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-19C p.272272cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-19C p.275275cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-19C p.280280cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-19C p.281281cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-19C p.282282cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-19C p.284284cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-20A p.296296cd:1ss:17cc:5
🏘️-20A p.298298cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-20A p.299299cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-20A p.301301cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-20A p.302302cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-20A p.303303cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-20A p.330330cd:1ss:17cc:5
🏘️-20A p.331331cd:1ss:17cc:5
🏘️-20A p.333333cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-20A p.348348cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-20B p.289289cd:1ss:16cc:5
🏘️-20B p.290290cd:1ss:16cc:5
🏘️-20B p.294294cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-20B p.319319cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-20B p.324324cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-20B p.325325cd:1ss:16cc:5
🏘️-20B p.332332cd:1ss:16cc:5
🏘️-20B p.334334cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-20B p.349349cd:1ss:16cc:5
🏘️-20B p.350350cd:1ss:16cc:5
🏘️-20B p.660660cd:1ss:16cc:5
🏘️-20C p.304304cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-20C p.305305cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-20C p.306306cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-20C p.307307cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-20C p.309309cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-20C p.393393cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-20C p.549549cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-20C p.550550cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-20C p.657657cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-20C p.658658cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-20C p.659659cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-21A p.291291cd:1ss:17cc:5
🏘️-21A p.292292cd:1ss:17cc:5
🏘️-21A p.293293cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-21A p.295295cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-21A p.297297cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-21A p.300300cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-21A p.335335cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-21A p.534534cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-21A p.542542cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-21A p.543543cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-21A p.544544cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-21A p.656656cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-21B p.310310cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-21B p.316316cd:1ss:18cc:3
🏘️-21B p.320320cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-21B p.328328cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-21B p.329329cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-21B p.337337cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-21B p.363363cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-21B p.475475cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-21B p.477477cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-21B p.478478cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-21B p.671671cd:1ss:17cc:3
🏘️-22A p.555555cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-22A p.556556cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-22A p.557557cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-22A p.558558cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-22A p.559559cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-22A p.566566cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-22A p.570570cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-22A p.573573cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-22A p.574574cd:1ss:19cc:4
🏘️-22A p.575575cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-22A p.576576cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-22A p.580580cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-22A p.603603cd:1ss:20cc:4
🏘️-22B p.551551cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-22B p.552552cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-22B p.553553cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-22B p.554554cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-22B p.571571cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-22B p.572572cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-22B p.577577cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-22B p.578578cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-22B p.579579cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-22B p.582582cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-22B p.595595cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-22B p.596596cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-22B p.597597cd:1ss:19cc:5
🏘️-24A p.461461cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-24A p.462462cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-24A p.466466cd:1ss:15cc:5
🏘️-24A p.491491cd:1ss:15cc:5
🏘️-24A p.492492cd:1ss:15cc:5
🏘️-24A p.493493cd:1ss:15cc:5
🏘️-24A p.494494cd:1ss:15cc:5
🏘️-24A p.495495cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-24A p.497497cd:1ss:15cc:3
🏘️-24B p.413413cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-24B p.414414cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-24B p.415415cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-24B p.416416cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-24B p.417417cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-24B p.471471cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-24B p.472472cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-24B p.473473cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-24B p.476476cd:1ss:17cc:5
🏘️-24B p.663663cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-24C p.463463cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-24C p.464464cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-24C p.465465cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-24C p.474474cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-24C p.503503cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-24C p.505505cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-24C p.531531cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-24C p.533533cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-24C p.670670cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-24D p.502502cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-24D p.504504cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-24D p.506506cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-24D p.507507cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-24D p.508508cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-24D p.509509cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-24D p.514514cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-24D p.515515cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-24D p.516516cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-24D p.528528cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-25A p.374374cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-25A p.377377cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-25A p.431431cd:1ss:15cc:3
🏘️-25A p.432432cd:1ss:15cc:3
🏘️-25A p.433433cd:1ss:15cc:3
🏘️-25A p.434434cd:1ss:15cc:5
🏘️-25A p.442442cd:1ss:15cc:3
🏘️-25A p.443443cd:1ss:15cc:3
🏘️-25A p.444444cd:1ss:15cc:3
🏘️-25B p.401401cd:1ss:15cc:5
🏘️-25B p.402402cd:1ss:15cc:5
🏘️-25B p.411411cd:1ss:15cc:5
🏘️-25B p.412412cd:1ss:18cc:3
🏘️-25B p.441441cd:1ss:15cc:5
🏘️-25B p.445445cd:1ss:15cc:5
🏘️-25B p.446446cd:1ss:15cc:5
🏘️-25C p.313313cd:1ss:18cc:3
🏘️-25C p.314314cd:1ss:18cc:3
🏘️-25C p.315315cd:1ss:18cc:3
🏘️-25C p.317317cd:1ss:18cc:3
🏘️-25C p.354354cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-25C p.371371cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-25C p.372372cd:1ss:18cc:3
🏘️-25C p.373373cd:1ss:18cc:3
🏘️-25C p.385385cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-25C p.386386cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-25C p.387387cd:1ss:16cc:3
🏘️-25D p.347347cd:1ss:15cc:3
🏘️-25D p.400400cd:1ss:15cc:3
🏘️-25D p.403403cd:1ss:15cc:5
🏘️-25D p.404404cd:1ss:15cc:3
🏘️-25D p.405405cd:1ss:15cc:3
🏘️-25D p.435435cd:1ss:15cc:3
🏘️-25D p.436436cd:1ss:15cc:3
🏘️-25D p.437437cd:1ss:15cc:3
🏘️-26A p.03131cd:2ss:22cc:1
🏘️-26A p.04141cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-26A p.04242cd:2ss:14cc:2
🏘️-26A p.05656cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-26A p.05858cd:2ss:30cc:2
🏘️-26A p.08888cd:2ss:30cc:2
🏘️-26A p.137137cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-26A p.621621cd:2ss:11cc:2
🏘️-26B p.07070cd:2ss:26cc:1
🏘️-26B p.120120cd:2ss:26cc:1
🏘️-26B p.134134cd:2ss:26cc:1
🏘️-26B p.157157cd:2ss:26cc:1
🏘️-26B p.158158cd:2ss:26cc:1
🏘️-26B p.394394cd:2ss:26cc:1
🏘️-26B p.399399cd:2ss:26cc:1
🏘️-26B p.599599cd:2ss:26cc:1
🏘️-26C p.03434cd:2ss:26cc:1
🏘️-26C p.03535cd:2ss:26cc:1
🏘️-26C p.05555cd:2ss:23cc:1
🏘️-26C p.136136cd:2ss:23cc:2
🏘️-26C p.233233cd:2ss:26cc:1
🏘️-26C p.265265cd:2ss:23cc:2
🏘️-26C p.653653cd:2ss:23cc:1
🏘️-26C p.687687cd:2ss:23cc:2
🏘️-27A p.410410cd:1ss:21cc:1
🏘️-27A p.418418cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-27A p.459459cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-27A p.485485cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-27A p.486486cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-27A p.487487cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-27A p.510510cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-27A p.664664cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-27A p.674674cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-27B p.398398cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-27B p.426426cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-27B p.456456cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-27B p.460460cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-27B p.467467cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-27B p.479479cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-27B p.584584cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-27B p.601601cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-27B p.669669cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-27B p.685685cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-27C p.360360cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-27C p.427427cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-27C p.450450cd:1ss:18cc:4
🏘️-27C p.468468cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-27C p.482482cd:1ss:18cc:4
🏘️-27C p.538538cd:1ss:18cc:4
🏘️-27C p.563563cd:1ss:18cc:4
🏘️-27C p.568568cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-27C p.593593cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-27C p.679679cd:1ss:18cc:4
🏘️-27D p.366366cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-27D p.376376cd:1ss:18cc:4
🏘️-27D p.380380cd:1ss:18cc:4
🏘️-27D p.449449cd:1ss:18cc:4
🏘️-27D p.451451cd:1ss:18cc:4
🏘️-27D p.452452cd:1ss:18cc:4
🏘️-27D p.453453cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-27D p.483483cd:1ss:18cc:4
🏘️-27D p.562562cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-28A p.389389cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-28A p.480480cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-28A p.517517cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-28A p.518518cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-28A p.519519cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-28A p.521521cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-28A p.524524cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-28A p.525525cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-28A p.672672cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-28A p.676676cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-28B p.308308cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-28B p.395395cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-28B p.532532cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-28B p.535535cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-28B p.536536cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-28B p.540540cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-28B p.545545cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-28B p.546546cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-28B p.547547cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-28B p.561561cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-28B p.680680cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-28C p.364364cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-28C p.526526cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-28C p.527527cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-28C p.530530cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-28C p.548548cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-28C p.564564cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-28C p.565565cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-28C p.678678cd:1ss:20cc:5
🏘️-28D p.365365cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-28D p.390390cd:1ss:21cc:5
🏘️-28D p.396396cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-28D p.397397cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-28D p.428428cd:1ss:18cc:4
🏘️-28D p.430430cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-28D p.454454cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-28D p.520520cd:1ss:21cc:5
🏘️-28D p.522522cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-29A p.08181cd:2ss:23cc:1
🏘️-29A p.115115cd:2ss:23cc:4
🏘️-29A p.118118cd:2ss:23cc:4
🏘️-29A p.205205cd:2ss:10cc:1
🏘️-29A p.206206cd:2ss:23cc:1
🏘️-29A p.227227cd:2ss:23cc:4
🏘️-29A p.228228cd:2ss:23cc:4
🏘️-29A p.611611cd:2ss:23cc:4
🏘️-29A p.612612cd:2ss:23cc:4
🏘️-29A p.626626cd:2ss:23cc:1
🏘️-29A p.632632cd:2ss:23cc:4
🏘️-29A p.652652cd:2ss:23cc:4
🏘️-29B p.02020cd:1ss:23cc:1
🏘️-29B p.110110cd:1ss:23cc:1
🏘️-29B p.111111cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-29B p.112112cd:2ss:10cc:1
🏘️-29B p.113113cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-29B p.204204cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-29B p.207207cd:1ss:23cc:1
🏘️-29B p.208208cd:1ss:23cc:1
🏘️-29B p.648648cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-29B p.649649cd:1ss:10cc:1
🏘️-29B p.650650cd:1ss:23cc:1
🏘️-29C p.02424cd:2ss:23cc:1
🏘️-29C p.02929cd:2ss:26cc:1
🏘️-29C p.05757cd:2ss:23cc:1
🏘️-29C p.159159cd:2ss:26cc:1
🏘️-29C p.160160cd:2ss:26cc:1
🏘️-29C p.609609cd:2ss:23cc:1
🏘️-29C p.617617cd:2ss:26cc:1
🏘️-29C p.622622cd:2ss:26cc:1
🏘️-29C p.639639cd:2ss:26cc:1
🏘️-30A p.339339cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-30A p.359359cd:1ss:15cc:3
🏘️-30A p.370370cd:1ss:15cc:1
🏘️-30A p.409409cd:1ss:15cc:3
🏘️-30A p.419419cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-30A p.420420cd:1ss:21cc:1
🏘️-30A p.421421cd:1ss:15cc:4
🏘️-30A p.440440cd:1ss:15cc:3
🏘️-30B p.407407cd:1ss:15cc:4
🏘️-30B p.488488cd:1ss:15cc:4
🏘️-30B p.489489cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-30B p.490490cd:1ss:15cc:4
🏘️-30B p.529529cd:1ss:18cc:4
🏘️-30B p.662662cd:1ss:15cc:4
🏘️-30B p.673673cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-30B p.677677cd:1ss:18cc:4
🏘️-30C p.406406cd:1ss:15cc:3
🏘️-30C p.408408cd:1ss:15cc:3
🏘️-30C p.439439cd:1ss:15cc:3
🏘️-30C p.481481cd:1ss:15cc:3
🏘️-30C p.496496cd:1ss:15cc:3
🏘️-30C p.498498cd:1ss:15cc:3
🏘️-30C p.499499cd:1ss:15cc:3
🏘️-30C p.500500cd:1ss:15cc:3
🏘️-30C p.666666cd:1ss:15cc:3
🏘️-30D p.368368cd:1ss:18cc:4
🏘️-30D p.388388cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-30D p.484484cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-30D p.511511cd:1ss:15cc:5
🏘️-30D p.512512cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-30D p.513513cd:1ss:15cc:5
🏘️-30D p.523523cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-30D p.583583cd:1ss:18cc:4
🏘️-30D p.675675cd:1ss:18cc:5
🏘️-31A p.447447cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31A p.501501cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31A p.541541cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31A p.567567cd:1ss:19cc:4
🏘️-31A p.590590cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31A p.592592cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31A p.594594cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31A p.665665cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31A p.667667cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31A p.683683cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31A p.684684cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31B p.391391cd:1ss:20cc:4
🏘️-31B p.392392cd:1ss:19cc:4
🏘️-31B p.469469cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31B p.537537cd:1ss:20cc:4
🏘️-31B p.539539cd:1ss:19cc:4
🏘️-31B p.560560cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31B p.569569cd:1ss:19cc:4
🏘️-31B p.608608cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31B p.681681cd:1ss:19cc:4
🏘️-31C p.422422cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31C p.423423cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31C p.424424cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31C p.425425cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31C p.448448cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31C p.457457cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31C p.458458cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31C p.470470cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31C p.589589cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31C p.682682cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31D p.361361cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31D p.362362cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31D p.429429cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31D p.585585cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31D p.586586cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31D p.587587cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31D p.588588cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31D p.598598cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-31D p.602602cd:1ss:21cc:4
🏘️-68A p.0011cd:2ss:23cc:4
🏘️-68A p.08787cd:1ss:23cc:4
🏘️-68A p.129129cd:1ss:23cc:4
🏘️-68A p.170170cd:1ss:23cc:4
🏘️-68A p.176176cd:1ss:23cc:4
🏘️-68A p.217217cd:1ss:23cc:4
🏘️-68A p.261261cd:1ss:12cc:4
🏘️-68A p.631631cd:2ss:23cc:4
🏘️-68A p.641641cd:1ss:12cc:4
🏘️-68A p.643643cd:1ss:23cc:4
🏘️-68B p.08080cd:1ss:12cc:4
🏘️-68B p.117117cd:2ss:23cc:4
🏘️-68B p.128128cd:1ss:12cc:4
🏘️-68B p.229229cd:2ss:23cc:4
🏘️-68B p.230230cd:1ss:12cc:4
🏘️-68B p.231231cd:2ss:23cc:4
🏘️-68B p.264264cd:2ss:23cc:4
🏘️-68B p.606606cd:2ss:23cc:4
🏘️-68B p.625625cd:1ss:12cc:4
🏘️-68B p.637637cd:1ss:12cc:4
🏘️-68C p.01919cd:1ss:10cc:4
🏘️-68C p.06868cd:1ss:12cc:4
🏘️-68C p.08585cd:2ss:10cc:4
🏘️-68C p.127127cd:2ss:10cc:4
🏘️-68C p.175175cd:1ss:12cc:4
🏘️-68C p.177177cd:1ss:12cc:4
🏘️-68C p.201201cd:2ss:10cc:4
🏘️-68C p.623623cd:1ss:12cc:4
🏘️-68C p.628628cd:2ss:10cc:4
🏘️-68C p.635635cd:2ss:12cc:4
🏘️-68C p.636636cd:2ss:12cc:4
🏘️-68C p.644644cd:1ss:12cc:4
Candidate Tips

2024 Primary Candidates

Use the Search field to narrow the number of items that display in a table.

NN Only the items in a particular district: e.g., 25 or 17C.
Dem Only Democrats
Rep Only Republicans
HD-10↖︎ G Andres RomeroDem 🩵
HD-11↖︎ Javier I MartinezDem 🩵
HD-11Bart H Kinney, IiiRep ⭕️
HD-12↖︎ Art De La CruzDem 🩵
HD-13↖︎ Patricia A Roybal CaballeroDem 🩵
HD-13↖︎ Teresa GarciaDem 🩵
HD-14Miguel P GarciaDem 🩵
HD-14Konnie L LegriedRep ⭕️
HD-15↖︎ Dayan “Day” Mercedes Hochman-VigilDem 🩵
HD-16↖︎ Yanira Gurrola ValenzuelaDem 🩵
HD-16↖︎ Marsella DuarteDem 🩵
HD-16Leland Benwood H BohannonRep ⭕️
HD-17↖︎ Cynthia D BorregoDem 🩵
HD-17Joshua Taylor NealRep ⭕️
HD-18↖︎ Marianna A AnayaDem 🩵
HD-18↖︎ Juan F LarrañagaDem 🩵
HD-18↖︎ Anjali TanejaDem 🩵
HD-18↖︎ Gloria Sue DohertyDem 🩵
HD-19↖︎ Janelle I AnyanonuDem 🩵
HD-19Leanna K DerrickRep ⭕️
HD-20↖︎ Meredith A DixonDem 🩵
HD-20John Douglas Mc DivittLib ⭕️
HD-20Tracy MajorRep ⭕️
HD-21↖︎ Debra Marie SarinanaDem 🩵
HD-22↖︎ Fred PonzlovDem 🩵
HD-22Stefani LordRep ⭕️
HD-24↖︎ Elizabeth L ThomsonDem 🩵
HD-24Ann L EdenfieldRep ⭕️
HD-25↖︎ Cristina S ParajonDem 🩵
HD-25Denis LitvinenkoRep ⭕️
HD-26↖︎ Eleanor ChavezDem 🩵
HD-26Patrick B SaisRep ⭕️
HD-27↖︎ Marian MatthewsDem 🩵
HD-27↖︎ Greg SeeleyDem 🩵
HD-27Gregory R GallegosRep ⭕️
HD-28↖︎ Pamelya P HerndonDem 🩵
HD-28Marcie M MayRep ⭕️
HD-29↖︎ Joy I GarrattDem 🩵
HD-29Gregory G CunninghamRep ⭕️
HD-30Elizabeth Diane Torres-VelasquezDem 🩵
HD-30Jared W SecretRep ⭕️
HD-30Victoria DoréRep ⭕️
HD-31↖︎ Vicky G Estrada-BustilloDem 🩵
HD-31Sarahjane AllenRep ⭕️
HD-31Patrick W HuestedRep ⭕️
HD-31Nicole ChavezRep ⭕️
HD-44Ali EnnengaRep ⭕️
HD-68↖︎ Charlotte L LittleDem 🩵
HD-68Virginia D GonzalesRep ⭕️
HD-68Nathan T BrooksRep ⭕️
HD-69↖︎ Michelle P AbeytaDem 🩵
SD-10↖︎ Katy DuhiggDem 🩵
SD-10Marie Y ValenciaRep ⭕️
SD-10Rudy B MoraRep ⭕️
SD-11↖︎ Linda M LopezDem 🩵
SD-11↖︎ Richard CarrionDem 🩵
SD-12↖︎ Phillip RamirezDem 🩵
SD-12Candace Thompson GouldRep ⭕️
SD-13↖︎ Bill B O'neillDem 🩵
SD-13↖︎ M Debbie O'malleyDem 🩵
SD-14↖︎ Michael PadillaDem 🩵
SD-14Christopher S TurpenRep ⭕️
SD-15↖︎ Daniel A Ivey-SotoDem 🩵
SD-15↖︎ Heather Jean BerghmansDem 🩵
SD-15Craig DegenhardtRep ⭕️
SD-16↖︎ Antoinette Sedillo LopezDem 🩵
SD-17↖︎ Mimi StewartDem 🩵
SD-18↖︎ Natalie R FigueroaDem 🩵
SD-18Kurstin S JohnsonRep ⭕️
SD-19William Burton ScottDem 🩵
SD-19Catherine Ann Mc DivittLib ⭕️
SD-19Ant L. ThorntonRep ⭕️
SD-20↖︎ Martin E HickeyDem 🩵
SD-20Wayne A YevoliRep ⭕️
SD-21↖︎ Athena Ann ChristodoulouDem 🩵
SD-21Philip A SnedekerDem 🩵
SD-21John C MortonRep ⭕️
SD-21Nicole L TobiassenRep ⭕️
SD-21Michael C WienerRep ⭕️
SD-23↖︎ Harold James Pope, JrDem 🩵
SD-23Terry Lynne AragonRep ⭕️
SD-23Manuel "Manny" Gonzales, IIIRep ⭕️
SD-26↖︎ Julie A. RadoslovichDem 🩵
SD-26↖︎ Antonio MOE MaestasDem 🩵

County Office Legend

PED Public Education Commissioner
2nd JD District Attorney, 2nd Judicial District
Div 11 Metropolitan Court Judge, Division 11
Cnty Clrk County Clerk
Treas County Treasurer
CCD County Commissioner, District N
Public Ed CmsnrPED
PED 1Sam S ObenshainDem 🩵
PED 2Michael Allen SchuetzeRep ⭕️
2nd JD↖︎ Sam BregmanDem 🩵
2nd JD↖︎ Damon P MartinezDem 🩵
Metro Ct. JudgeDiv 11↖︎ Shonnetta Raquette EstradaDem 🩵
County ClerkCnty Clrk
Cnty Clrk↖︎ Michelle S KavanaughDem 🩵
Cnty Clrk↖︎ Karen Louise MontoyaDem 🩵
Cnty ClrkClayton J PryorRep ⭕️
Cnty ClrkRobert Joseph KwasnyRep ⭕️
County Treas.
Treas↖︎ Tim EichenbergDem 🩵
Treas↖︎ Kenneth Edward Scott, JrDem 🩵
TreasLelan G MorrisonRep ⭕️
County CmsnrCCD
CCD-2↖︎ Frank A BacaDem 🩵
CCD-2William J WalkerDem 🩵
CCD-2Mary Kay InghamRep ⭕️
CCD-3↖︎ Adriann BarboaDem 🩵
CCD-3↖︎ Robert L PadillaDem 🩵
CCD-3Laura Nasaria ChavezDem 🩵
CCD-3Rene CoronadoRep ⭕️
CCD-4Walt BensonRep ⭕️
US Senator
↖︎ Martin HeinrichDem 🩵
Nella Louise DomeniciRep ⭕️
US House Rep
CD 1↖︎ Melanie Ann StansburyDem 🩵
CD 1Steve JonesRep ⭕️
CD 1Louie SanchezRep ⭕️
CD 2↖︎ Gabriel VasquezDem 🩵
CD 2Yvette HerrellRep ⭕️
CD 3↖︎ Teresa Leger FernandezDem 🩵
CD 3Sharon E ClahchischilliageRep ⭕️

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