This appendices manual is intended as supplemental information to the Resource Manual for Ward and Precinct Chairs, written by the Grassroots Activist Support Committee of the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County. 

This manual is designed to support Democratic Party volunteers in Bernalillo County and is based on the rules and practices of the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County (DPBC) and the Democratic Party of New Mexico (DPNM). 

Modification of this document and linked documents is prohibited without written permission of the DPBC. However, this document and linked documents may be copied and shared with volunteer leaders within the DPBC or the DPNM.

Appendix A – Democratic Party Training Materials
Appendix B – Democratic Party Roles
Appendix C – Ward and Precinct Information for Bernalillo County
Appendix D – The Democratic Party Database
Appendix E – Obtaining Lists of Potential Volunteers
Appendix F – Annual Plan
Appendix G – Planning to Advance Development of Wards and Precincts
Appendix H – Event Planning Sample Docs
Appendix I – The Role of Canvassing
Appendix J – Meeting Event Planning Tools
Appendix K – Share Your Skills Form
Appendix L – DPNM Calendar and Two Year Generic Planning Calendar For Ward and Precinct Chairs
Appendix M – Registering to Vote and Voting in Bernalillo County
Appendix N – Election Flyers – Newsletters – Texts
Appendix O – Analysis of Election Results
Appendix P – Electronic Communications
Appendix Q – Grassroots Record Keeping in Excel
Appendix R – Succession Planning Checklist