At the biennial ward election, each ward in Bernalillo County elects a representative to the DPBC Resolutions Committee. The Committee submits Bernalillo County’s resolutions to the County Convention, where they are voted upon. If passed, they are sent to the State Platform and Resolutions Committee (SPARC) for possible inclusion in the state platform.

The DPBC Resolutions Committee operates within broad parameters and compiles a local platform for Bernalillo County. This does not re-create the state platform, but is consistent with it, while addressing principles, aspirations, and issues specific to the county. To succeed, it needs ideas and input from Bernalillo County Democrats such as you.

Resolutions are a formal expression of intention made by county Democrats. They are a call to action on everyone’s behalf, and should inspire action.

The DPBC Resolutions Committee is committed to a fair, consistent process for accepting resolutions.

Preferably, all resolutions should be submitted electronically. The interactive form link makes that easy. Just enter the information and press Submit. (Ensure that you are ready to submit before you click the button.)

The committee will discuss the merits of received resolutions to evaluate:

  • Whether it aligns with the core values of the Democratic party.
  • Whether it addresses the needs of the people of Bernalillo County and is consistent with the State Platform.
  • Whether the writing style is clear and specific.
  • Whether it includes sources for each “Whereas” statement.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the state platform, so that your proposed resolution is local, is consistent with the state platform, and does not simply re-state issues in the state platform.

Citing sources improves the quality and our understanding of your resolution.

Resolutions are stronger when the result is specific, focused, and achievable. For example, say “retrain police in de-escalation,” not just “reform the police.”

  • If your submitted resolution does not meet the above guidelines, it will returned to you with feedback. After receiving feedback, you may revise and resubmit it to the Committee.
  • If the resolution meets these guidelines, it will be voted upon by the full Committee.
  • Resolutions with similar spirit and intent will be bundled, and the number of similar submissions will be noted.
  • Each resolution must be submitted separately, so that they can be voted upon individually.