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  • September 25, 2021
    • Basic Income Rally, National Basic Income March Sept 25th10:00 amNew Mexico is joining the national dialogue on how to raise our standards and eliminate poverty directly. Our families need tangible dignity in these turbulent times. We need stability and certainty in Our Life, Liberty, and pursuits of Happiness.
      So let your friends know, There is a bold solution that we can begin actually trying in earnest.
      This is found by expanding our tax code to collect the incredible wealth circulating and place it back into the hands of the average citizen, to be the true source of change. As Adam Smith once called it, the invisible hand.
      We join the hundreds of brilliant thinkers and congresspeople who wrote about expanding the CTC, yet we need to go further. We the people, must take care of ourselves.
      The letter can be read here, https://civilrights.org/resource/make-ctc-and-eitc-expansions-permanent-in-forthcoming-reconciliation-legislation/
      Bring signs, we will have some water bottles, music, and fun. Our lives are worth something! We rally for Income stability, and safety for our families.
      Johnson Field 2401 Redondo Dr NE, Albuquerque, NM 87106 More details »