Ward gatherings are the best kind of grassroots democracy. They offer ideal occasions to hear from fellow Ward members (especially those seeking Party offices and/or CCC membership) about the roles they’ve played in candidate and issue advocacy, get-out-the vote efforts, and Democratic Party organizing.

NO meetings via zoom this year! But that doesn’t mean you have to attend in person to participate. You only have to register to: (1) Vote for candidates for Ward and Precinct offices. (2) Self-nominate and run for a Ward or Precinct office, or to be an additional member of the County Central Committee (CCC).

You need to be a Democrat. All voters and candidates for Ward and Precinct offices, and for the CCC, must have been registered as Democrats with the NM Secretary of State (SOS) by Feb 4, 2023, and must live in and be registered voters in the ward and precinct in which they plan to vote.

Quick Access links to the SOS and to finding your ward and precinct are on our home page.

You need to fill out a ward/precinct elections registration form. This form (for Quick Access, go to our home page) helps us certify you as an eligible Democrat who will vote for Ward/Precinct/CCC candidates in your ward (and/or nominate and run for office yourself). Upon submitting your registration form, you will be sent an email confirming that it has been received. After you are certified as eligible to participate, you will receive another email confirming your certification. (If uncertain re receipt of these communications, please check your spam folder before contacting us.)

If you’re thinking about running but first want to better understand what’s entailed if elected, you’ll find explanations in Democratic Party Roles, Responsibilities, and Powers.

If you’ve decided to run for office, you should recruit Democratic friends in your ward or precinct vote for you. If you are at the meeting, you can nominate yourself, even if you did not do so when you registered. However, the better practice is to fill out that form ahead of time. 

At the meeting, candidates for Party offices will have 1 to 2 minutes, depending on time, to introduce themselves to ward and precinct members and tell their reasons for running and their intentions, if elected. If you are running but are not attending the meeting, you can ask another ward/precinct member to use the same 1 to 2 minutes to tell the voters about you.