GOTV w/ Shelby Weisburg, DPNM Coordinated Campaign Field Organizer, House Districts 7, 10, 11, 13, 14, 17, 18, 22, 50, 69, 70

Shelby Weisburg has been busy: In the past few weeks she’s led phone and text bank trainings and events, hosted a Reach training, put on a “Meet Your Organizer” during a Weekend of Action. And she’s been having conversations with lots of folks in the community – meeting with Bernalillo County Ward chairs, Indivisible Nob Hill members, and Valencia County Democrats. 

It’s all part of this hard-working DPNM Coordinated Campaign Organizer’s effort toward getting out the Democratic vote. Part of Shelby’s turf – downtown Albuquerque, the area surrounding UNM, and the East Mountains – is blue-leaning, but other areas in her purview offer a contrast. The districts she oversees in Valencia and Torrance counties are very rural, more conservative-leaning. Valencia, in particular, has a large Hispanic/Latinx population and holds the longest record for predicting presidential election winners in the country, voting for the winning candidate in every election since 1952.

Shelby’s personal political motivation is strongly tied to her sense of urgency about the environment. She states: “Every seat that turns blue is a vote for climate action. There is no larger, more existential, or more intersectional issue than climate change. We need to pass strong legislation very soon, and this election is critical in creating a sustainable future for all of us.” 

The teams of volunteers Shelby is working with are medium in number, but she reports they’re staying with her and are committed for the long haul. In addition: “My volunteers have been incredible at bringing other folks they personally know into the volunteer fold. They are connecting with people in their personal circles at very high rates!” 

As for connecting with voters out in her turf, Shelby’s volunteers are reporting positive interactions with folks who are excited about the upcoming election. They have encountered a few that have switched their party affiliation this year, going over to the Republicans, but otherwise the feedback is highly encouraging.

Check your inbox to see Shelby’s events and GOTV efforts in each Monday’s DPBC “Week in Action” e-blast. Or contact her anytime to join her team.  

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