The VoteBuilder Service Team is ready to work with you to create the lists you need for your Democratic Party organizing work. We have a few main types of lists we can create, with a lot of variations and customizations possible.
Below, the main list types are described. After deciding which type of list you want to request (or if you’re not sure which type makes sense for your needs), fill out the VoteBuilder Request Form to begin the process of getting your list, using it and entering data back into the VoteBuilder database. This last part, entering data, is very important, and we can help identify a method that will work for you.
Any of these lists can be tailored to your needs in terms of the number of people included, the specific geographic area you’re targeting and the party affiliations you want to include. If you’re not sure what specifics you want, we’ll be happy to help you figure out the best criteria to use to get a list that matches your needs.

List Types:

Walk List for Finding Volunteers

This will be a list containing active Dems, those who vote most regularly). This would be organized by street and separated in to “turfs”, smaller areas walkable in a reasonable amount of time.

Call List for Finding Volunteers

This will be a list containing active Dems, those who vote most regularly. This would contain only voters with phone numbers in the system who can be called. The number of people included in the list can be tailored to how many you would like to call.

General Canvass of Precinct

This type of list is used for getting to know the voters in your precinct, verifying addresses and contact information, finding people who need help registering, finding out who will need an absentee ballot or a ride to the polls, etc. It often includes just Democrats but could include other party affiliations depending on your needs.

Get Out the Vote (GOTV)

This type of list would be used near election time to target people we want to make sure are voting. Once early voting begins, and up through election day, this type of list can help target people who haven’t voted yet.
Head to the VoteBuilder Request Form to submit your request!