Keep Progress and Promise in New Mexico:
Vote Your Power!

We’ve seen what the radical right GOP is about: They want to limit who can vote, which books we read, what lessons teachers can teach, what private medical decisions can be made between doctors and patients—all while using bigotry and racism to keep their followers stirred up.

We DON’T want any of that happening in New Mexico. Now’s the time to put our power to work for Democratic candidates— by donating to campaigns, volunteering, helping Get Out the Vote, and, above all, marking our own ballot for these and all other Dems we want to see in office:

  • Michelle Luján Grisham, Governor
  • Melanie Stansbury, U.S. Representative, CD 1
  • Gabriel Vasquez, U.S. Representative, CD 2
  • Teresa Leger Fernandez, U.S. Representative, CD 3
  • Howie C Morales, Lieutenant Governor
  • Maggie Toulouse Oliver, NM Secretary of State
  • Raúl Torrez, NM Attorney General
  • Joseph Maestas, State Auditor
  • Laura Montoya, State Treasurer
  • Stephanie Garcia Richard, Commissioner of Public Lands

Beyond this list, there are many additional candidates we need to support in November. Visit the NM Secretary of State website to see a sample ballot showing all the Democrats running for the NM legislature, judicial, and other offices. You can also request an absentee ballot, register to vote, check voting locations, and more.

Celebrate True Progress/Real Promise at September Fest

Mark your calendars for September 18, 2022, when we’ll be celebrating September Fest from 3:00 – 6:00 pm at Gutierrez Hubbel House in Albuquerque’s South Valley.

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True Progress

Democrats have fought for positive change (and won!) to move New Mexico forward like never before.

Lots More Support for Education

  • Doubled affordable pre-k enrollment
  • Delivered 7% teacher pay raises—the highest in 15 years
  • Invested over $1 billion in our schools
  • Expanded tuition-free and certificate programs to help tens of thousands of New Mexico students attend college
  • Made New Mexico #1 in the nation in funding for bilingual and multicultural education

Strong Action on Energy and Our Environment

  • Froze plans for drilling in Chaco Canyon
  • Tripled renewable energy production
  • Restored more public land than ever before
  • Launched a statewide effort to clean up and reclaim uranium mines and mills

Financial Relief and Protection

  • $200 million this year in state tax rebates for 550,000 working families
  • No state tax next year on Social Security benefits for seniors
  • $20 million funding to assist people who don’t file income taxes, including those who don’t have enough income to file
  • Capped interest rates on predatory payday loans that trap borrowers in debt

Progressive Health and Safety Policies

  • Repealed an outdated law that criminalized abortion
  • Legalized recreational marijuana
  • Expanded programs to reduce harm related to substance abuse
  • Passed three major gun restrictions

Expedited Voting

  • Facilitated largest voter turnout in recent history during the 2020 general election—nearly 70% of NM’s registered voters
  • More than tripled the number of people voting by mail
  • Provided easy access to multiple in-person voting sites and ballot drop boxes

Real Promise

Looking ahead, Democrats do more for NM families, more for our children, more for our future.

Family-Focused, Child-Centered Benefits

  • Eliminate child care costs for over 30,000 NM families
  • Expand availability of child care in underserved communities
  • Provide tuition support for early childhood professionals in degree programs

The Opportunity Scholarship Act

  • Provides free college for up to 35,000 NM students
  • Offers broad and equal access to earning professional certificates, associate and bachelor’s degrees
  • Builds up our workforce and improves lives

Early Childhood Ballot Measure (vote YES in November!)

  • Will tap NM’s largest endowment and direct approx. $127 million new dollars to early childhood education and $84 million to K-12 education;
  • Can assist young people to become better parents—by offering information about topics ranging from pregnancy to stress management and more;
  • Will help ensure that children are ready for kindergarten, reading by 4th grade, and graduating ready to contribute to the community.