Paul Tempane: DPBC Welcomes New Treasurer

Paul Timpane Treasurer of the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County
Paul Timpane Treasurer of the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County

When Democratic Party of Bernalillo County (DPBC) treasurer Rayellen Smith was elected state party treasurer, DPBC was missing a treasurer—but not for long.

Paul Tempane, a Democrat since 1976 where he was a student at the University of Minnesota, has stepped up to take over the reins at the recommendation of treasurer Smith. Tempane retired after a long career in Finance/Accounting Management, having worked at Honeywell and then with General Electric. He retired in 2014 and has since taken on volunteer work including serving as a Board Member and Treasurer of an Early Childhood Center in Albuquerque, and as an Income Tax Preparer with New Mexico Tax Help.

Tempane, though Minnesota born and raised, has lived in New Mexico since 1980 except for a four-year stint in Oxford Mississippi. After moving away, he and his wife, Patty, returned in 2014 to be with their daughter and two granddaughters in Albuquerque and their son in Northern New Mexico.

The new treasurer first became involved with DPBC just prior to the 2020 Election, texting and phoning Democratic voters, as he wanted to contribute to getting the vote out to ensure that Joe Biden was victorious in New Mexico, and that Deb Haaland was re-elected in CD1.

In 2021, Tempane was elected to the County Central Committee (CCC) in Ward 31D and shortly thereafter submitted his name as a DPBC budget and finance committee member.

Tempane has two primary goals as treasurer: ensuring that the party’s financial information continues to be reported in a timely, clear, and concise manner, and being financial resource for the DPBC Executive Committee, Ward Chairs and Vice-Chairs.

Welcome, Paul! We’re grateful to have you!