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Marisol Enriquez, DPBC Chair

Marisol A Enriquez: Chair

My name is Marisol Enriquez and my pronouns are she/her/ella.
There are many reasons I participate in Democratic work for Bernalillo County and for New Mexico, on the whole. But, there are two that are my driving force. 

There’s an adage that suggests successful and effective people surround themselves with people who inspire, encourage, and challenge them. I get to do that every day while working alongside Democrats like you, and it has certainly helped me remain passionate and engaged in this work despite the challenging political environment in which we find ourselves. 

More deeply, though, this work aligns with the philosophy of life that I follow – Yoga Philosophy. While that might give you a vision of someone sitting peacefully in Lotus Pose, smelling incense and chanting “Aum” or standing on their head, I assure you that while those things can certainly be a part of the practice of Yoga, they are but a very tiny piece. 

The core philosophy reminds me that I am worthy of respect and consideration and worthy of taking up space in this world. Because you and I are made up of all the same components, you and every other human are worthy of those things, too. 

Unfortunately, we live in a society made up of harmful and disrespectful systems that are actually built to denigrate some communities and make many of our voices smaller. For us all to live freely, those systems must. be. broken. down. The breaking down of harmful systems is living the philosophy of Yoga, and education and activism are tools we can use. I feel so grateful and lucky to be a native of and live in Nuevo Mexico, where we are making great progress as the driver of necessary change in our country. 

We have a very strong party foundation here in Bernalillo County, and it’s time to grow upon that foundation to expand our reach into diverse areas of our county that haven’t yet been reached. Together, we can achieve an equitable society of mutual respect and consideration so we can all be free to occupy space in this world comfortably. ¡Si se puede!

Thank you for trusting me as Chair of the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County.
Onward to 2024 and beyond!