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Jane Yee, DPBC Resolutions Committee Chair

Jane Yee: Chair, Resolutions Committee

Jane L. Yee has served on the Democratic Party, Bernalillo County, Resolutions Committee since 2019 as a representative of Ward 15D (formerly Ward 17B).  She has helped write resolutions on a broad range of policy matters for the approval of the County Resolutions Committee, as well as the State Platform and Resolutions Committee on which she served as the 2021-2023 Congressional District 1 representative.  She also serves the Democratic Party from the grassroots as an active member of the Adelante Caucus and a founding member and officer of the Environmental Justice Caucus.  As a member of the Democratic Party, a community activist and public interest lawyer, she strives to work in meaningful consultation with affected communities to forge strong policies that advance social, economic, and environmental justice.