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Jake Stern-Powell: First Vice Chair

Jake Stern-Powell serves as 1st Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County. He’s also a member of the State Rule Committee for the Democratic Party of New Mexico. In 2022, he was among the inaugural winners of the DPNM Kick Ass Democrat awards.

Prior to his role as Vice Chair, Jake volunteered his time to the county and state parties in various ways. He’s been a precinct chair, event volunteer, and assisted the social media team. Additionally, his writing has appeared in the Blue Review newsletter and on the DPBC website.

Jake became an active member of the Democratic Party during college. After the 2004 election, he joined progressive student groups, switched his major to political science, and later graduated with a degree in that field from the University of Illinois. During college, Jake also interned and blogged for a local Congressional campaign. 

Professionally, Jake has held a wide range of roles ranging from bartending at a comedy club to substitute teaching to leading an operations team at a tech start-up. He’s also interned and volunteered at several live theatres. Currently, he works as a freelance copywriter, blogger, and scriptwriter.