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Elisabeth Serna
Second Vice Chair

I’m a native New Mexican. My family roots can be traced back over 7 generations. I graduated from UNM with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and a master’s degree in clinical and school counseling. I am a product of APS, as an adult I have had the honor of teaching at APS and working as a school counselor.

I’m currently working as a clinical counselor for a hospital in Albuquerque. Every day, I work to lift the stigma surrounding mental health issues and to give back to my community. I have the experience and plan to lead our county forward as vice chair. I’ve been an advocate and volunteer my entire life, and for 4 years I’ve taken a more active role within our party. I help lead our social media team. We’re successfully engaging our youth and exploring other ways to get people active within the party. I love organizing and bringing people together. I will continue taking on youth outreach, allyship, and bridging age gaps. As a therapist, I have great insight into what younger people value, need – and how they prefer to communicate.