Establishing the Quota

The quota is the number of votes required for a candidate to be automatically elected. It’s
established by applying some very basic math to two variable values that must be determined
before the election process begins. The first variable is the number of positions to be filled.
That value is set by the apportionment or allocation for the unit that is holding the election and
is established by the appropriate DPNM Rule. The second variable is the number of ballots
that have been issued to the electors.

1)Enter the allocation_________
2)Enter the number of ballots issued to the electors_________
3)Divide the value on Line 2 by the value on Line 1_________
4)If the value of Line 3 is a whole number, add one to that value. If the value on Line 3 has a decimal value, round the number up to the next highest whole number. This is the “quota”, or the number of votes that candidates need to obtain to be guaranteed election._________