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DPBC Pre-Primary Delegate Elections

Prepare to Participate and Be Heard

Q: How can you have a voice in helping to shape this June’s Democratic primary ballot–with the ultimate goal of choosing our Dem candidates for federal and statewide offices next November?
A: Participate in DPBC Pre-Primary Delegate Elections, where you vote for delegates from your Ward that you’d like to send to the DPNM State Convention. And/or you can declare to be a delegate yourself. (FYI, if you’re a Ward Chair or SCC member, you’re automatically a delegate.)
The active Pre-Primary process begins at the start of February. To be in the know before then, here are links to important sources of information:
Have a look at this timeline, ahead of time:
February 1-7         Voter registration and declaration of candidacy for delegate
February 12-17     Delegate elections by Ward and Congressional District
February 19          Ballot counting
February 21          Credentials Committee meeting
February 23          Credentialed delegates presented to DPNM
February 26          DPBC County Convention
Updates will be upcoming! Be sure to check the Blue Review every Tuesday and Friday. And/or visit our website for information anytime you wish: https://bernalillodems.org

Petitions in the Park: Your Signature Needed

Gathering actual inked signatures on petitions during the time of COVID is problematic, but it nonetheless has to happen. Please come sign and help ensure these important Dem candidates for office will appear on the November ballot:

  • Lieutenant Governor Howie Morales
  • Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse-Oliver
  • Land Commissioner Stephanie Garcia
  • CD 1 Representative Melanie Stansbury

We’ll have pens and petitions at the ready: 

Sunday, Jan 23, 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm

  • North Domingo Baca Park, 7521 Carmel Ave NE, Abq
  • Mariposa Basin Park, 4900 Kachina St NW, Abq

Saturday, Jan 29, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

  • Tiquex Park, 1800 Mountain Rd NW, Abq
  • Bataan Memorial Park, 748 Tulane Dr NE, Abq

We’ll be social distancing and ask that everyone wears their masks. See you there.

Harold Pope, Jr.

Harold Pope Jr.

Sen. Harold Pope: MLK's Dream of Accountability

By Jennie Lusk
As people gather to march in commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., some politicians will quote the famous advocate for peace and racial justice.  Sen. Harold Pope, Jr., is likely to echo their sentiments, but not for a single day or a single weekend.  “I celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,” he said, “but we also have to hold politicians accountable. I have to ask myself, ‘What are you doing to make the dream a reality?’” 
Sen. Pope has been accountable since Day One, hitting the ground running during his first legislative session. He weathered not only the regular 60-day legislative session but also the special sessions for cannabis and redistricting.
The one and only African American Senator in New Mexico history, he sponsored the successful Crown Act protecting against discrimination on the basis of hairstyles, the Black Education Act, and carried bills advocating justice for veterans and military families–all in his first session.  
He serves as vice-chair of the senate education committee and a member of its conservation committee during session. In the interim, he co-chaired the Military and Veterans Affairs committee and was a member of the Legislative Education Study Committee, Revenue Stabilization and Tax Policy Committee, and the Science, Technology and Telecommunications Committees. In addition, he is an advisory member of the Radioactive and Hazardous Materials Committee and designee for the Legislative Finance Committee.
Being elected to serve and represent in New Mexico’s legislature was not a likely future for Sen. Pope growing up among five siblings raised largely by a single mother. His mother worked nights, so supervision and attention were lacking. “I didn’t see [successful] people who looked like me,” he said. His high school counselor helped others apply for college and scholarships, but told him she only hoped he’d make it out of high school. After he did earn his diploma, he accepted the mentorship of his uncles and, on their advice, joined the military, where he spent the next decades. Through his years in the Air Force, he became a chemist, acquisition officer, and project manager in California and Florida after attaining his biochemistry degree from UNM. Now retired and receiving his military pension, he said he still can’t believe he holds elected office. It wasn’t even part of his dream.

Want to pull lists of the Dems in your Ward or Precinct? It’s easy!

To support your work as a Ward or Precinct leader, you can generate lists of Dems in your area quickly and with minimal effort. Find out how it’s done in a short but informative virtual training.

To access the presentation, Click Here…

Did you have a chance to participate in DPBC’s recent training on “What is my role as a Ward or Precinct chair?” If not, the accompanying PowerPoint presentation given by DPBC Chair Flora Lucero provides a valuable overview of Party structure along with solid guidance regarding your responsibilities and available resources for organizing.

To access the presentation, Click Here.

Democratic vision,
Democratic values

We stand with Democrats across New Mexico in our belief that every person matters. We believe all citizens should have an equal voice in how we as a people are governed, without undue influence by rich and powerful special interests.

We work for the 99%, and affirm the ties that bind us together as one human family.

These beliefs and many more important principles are presented in the Platform of the Democratic Party of New Mexico, which we fully support.

Civil Rights
We acknowledge the rights of all persons to be treated equally, with dignity and respect, regardless of race, color, creed, gender identity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, physical ability, cognitive ability, or age.
Democrats believe that an educated populace is the cornerstone of sustainable democracy and economic prosperity.

Affordable, high-quality pre-K through college education is a basic right.
Healthcare is a fundamental human right.

Regardless of their circumstances, everyone in New Mexico and the U.S. should have access to comprehensive, affordable, high-quality health care.

Services must include comprehensive behavioral health services, reproductive care, access to birth control, quality prenatal and postpartum care, and abortion care.
Democrats will work to create and preserve an obtainable path to citizenship.

We believe that comprehensive reform is needed to provide an immigration system that is humane and non-discriminatory.

Families must be kept together.
Democrats work to ensure that both public and private workers may exercise their right to organize and join unions.

We recognize that unions contribute to building a stronger middle class, and support their critical role in fighting for living wages, fair work rules and hiring practices, and safe working conditions.
Native Americans
Democrats recognize the inherent sovereignty of Tribes, Pueblos, Bands, Villages, and Nations,

Democrats pledge to fulfill, honor, and strengthen to the highest extent possible the United States’ fundamental trust responsibility to Indigenous Peoples, as provided in the Constitution, treaties, and case law.
Veterans & Military Affairs
We believe all qualified persons who wish to serve our nation are free to do so without discrimination.

Our country has a sacred, moral responsibility to honor all of our veterans and wounded warriors.

The party that passed the G.I. Bill of Rights will always work to protect the benefits our veterans and their families have earned in service to our nation.
Democrats are committed to ensuring full equality for women in education, employment, healthcare, and all other spheres of society.

We recognize that violence against women and girls is an epidemic, and stand firm in the need for a societal shift and the prosecution of perpetrators.

Democrats are pro-choice.

The Democratic Forum

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