With great disappointment and concern…

Dear Bernalillo County Democrats,

With great disappointment and concern, I accepted Meta Hirschl’s resignation on June 8. Meta suffers from Asthma, and, on the advice and counsel of medical and healthcare professionals, she is focusing her full attention on regaining her health. I am grateful for the meaningful work Meta did on behalf of Bernalillo Democrats in her two months as 2nd Vice Chair. The VoteBuilder List System and the Ward Chair Conference are great contributions to our Party.

Please join me in wishing Meta health and well-being.

A committee chaired by Cheryl Harris is being convened to vet applicants for this position. Any woman interested in being 2nd Vice Chair should send a detailed letter of application to Cheryl at cahabqnm@gmail.com. The letter should outline the applicant’s background, qualifications, reasons for applying, and goals. The announcement of the appointment will be made as soon as I have ratified the recommendation of the committee.

Meanwhile, our Party-building work is going strong. We had our first Steering Committee meeting this past week with 10 Committee Chairs and Co-chairs in attendance. Our sights are set on organizing and strengthening our County to both retain and increase the number of Democrats elected at local, State, and National levels in 2020. To add your skills and abilities to this effort, please fill out the Volunteer Interest Form, and a member of our Volunteer Coordination Committee will contact you.

We are building the bridge to a strong, inclusive, and diverse Democracy while crossing it.

Yours in this worthwhile effort,

Flora Lucero

Chair, Democratic Party of Bernalillo County