What are Democracy Dollars?

Corporate money in elections is a problem. Proposition 2 (Democracy Dollars) is an innovative solution which reduces the influence of outside, large donors and keeps Albuquerque’s existing voter approved public financing viable!

People across the country are supporting and using small donor public financing programs like Democracy Dollars. This helps restore balance to elections, encourages participation by candidates, and gets more voters voting. This will in turn elect more racially and economically diverse leaders. The city benefits when elected officials engage with their constituents and represent their communities!

Once passed, the city will provide each eligible Albuquerque resident with a secure and unique $25 coupon. The coupon can be donated to the publicly financed candidate of their choice, who has qualified for the program and can collect a limited amount of these Democracy Dollars.

It won’t increase taxes or cause cuts to other city programs, and Albuquerque residents will be directly involved in choosing which publicly financed candidate to support!

Website: https://www.burquebucks.org/