Ward Voter Registration Challenge

In recognition of National Voter Registration Day (September 24) and as part of the DPNM County Voter Registration Challenge, the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County is participating in a Ward Voter Registration Challenge. Sixteen Ward Chairs have agreed to participate and three more are considering the challenge. The participating wards are listed below. If you do not see your ward on the list but you would like to participate, contact your ward chair and let them know.

The winning ward will receive a $250 stipend to use toward any ward building activity or project of choice. Details about the challenge will be sent to ward chairs on Saturday, August 31. To join the challenge, email DPBC 2nd Vice Chair, Amanda Marie Garcia (Amanda@BernalilloDems.org).

This challenge is an opportunity for wards to register voters and increase their voter registration activity in preparation for the work we have ahead of us in 2020.

Wards that are definitely participating:

11A Felice M Garcia
11C Barbara J (Barb) Grothus
13A Ricardo Carlos Caballero
16B Thanh-Lan Thi (Lan) Sena
17C Patricia A Payne
18A C. Rachael Howell
19C Peter M (Pete) Belletto
21B John Doran
22A Jessica P Velasquez
23A Lou Ann (Lou) Darras
23B Robert Ross (Bob) Kuning
24C David J (Dave) Mulryan
29B Amy Katherine New
29C Stephanie Warriner Telles
31A Lloyd Brian DeWald
31B Thomas (Tom) Solomon

Wards whose ward chairs said that they might participate:

10B Sisto A Abeyta
14A Maria B Romero 
28C Elizabeth Claire (Liz) Dyer