Voting Rights of People with Felony Convictions in New Mexico

You can vote, here’s how!

In New Mexico, people with felony convictions can vote once they have completed their sentence, including probation or parole.

  • Once their sentence is completed, applicants must re-register to vote even if previously registered.
  • A Certificate of Discharge or Certificate of Completion for each felony conviction must be presented to the county clerk’s office when registering.
  • People with felony convictions should have received a Certificate of Discharge/Completion from the court where their conviction occurred when they completed their sentence. This paperwork can be obtained from the parole board, their parole officer, or their criminal case file at the district clerk’s office in the county where the conviction occurred.
  • Alternately, applicants who have felony convictions can register to vote online or with a registrar by filling out the standard application. They will receive a letter from the county clerk’s office telling them what documentation needs to be presented to the county clerk in order for the application to proceed.


Contact Barron Jones with the ACLU of New Mexico Smart Justice campaign at 505-266-5915 ext 1020 with questions or concerns