Trainings Explained

Dear Democrat,

The trainings that we’ll be conducting over the next two weeks are announced as “Ward Chair Trainings”, which seems to have confused a few people. These trainings are NOT just for incumbent ward chairs. Although they are primarily for incumbent ward chairs and for those hoping to be elected as ward chairs on March 23rd, they’re open to everyone and are a great opportunity for anyone who wants to better understand the processes that we go through between now and the day of the County Central Committee meeting on April 6th.

Many of those who will be running the ward meetings on March 23rd are old hands at this process, but even those who’ve done it several times before will discover that a few small things have changed. Newcomers to the process will learn that there are a couple of different types of elections to be held at those meetings and those who will not actually be involved in the process of running the meeting will benefit because they’ll be in a position to help their ward chair if questions arise. The more people that we have at the ward meetings who’ve been to at least one of the training sessions, the smoother these meetings will go.

In years past we typically had two sessions using just one venue for this training. This year we initially expanded it to three sessions in three different locations across the county and have now added a fourth session at a fourth venue, so please check the schedule below for the best day, time and location for you. And, if you want to attend two or more of the sessions to make sure that you didn’t miss anything, that’s wonderful! I hope to have “standing room only” for every session, so bring a neighbor.

Let’s keep working together!

Bill Peifer
Chair, Democratic Party of Bernalillo County
505-463-7045 (Text Please)