The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

By Shirley Gallegos

Lest we forget, there’s a lot of good happening around us. The Good:

  • Democrats attending the “Activist Conference” were inspired by great speakers. The conference generated enthusiasm among the 200+ attendees. From this, the intent is to spread the word, train and activate Democrats to fuel the coming campaigns. Knowing your network, the tools, the data, the ways to problem solve, organize, build community and tell our individual story were all part of the conference. If you weren’t there, you’ll get other chances in future training. 
  • More good– How about the news that BernCo Commission and its partners are building tiny homes for the homeless! Albuquerque Indian Center and the State of NM and Bernalillo County Commissioners should begin construction in October. Tiny homes for homeless to be ready by fall
  • Another great hi-five! All the successes mentioned by speaker Melanie Stansbury at the Activist Conference–those successes in the state legislature were enabled by having a Democratic majority! Go Dems!
  • Way to go, Prosperity Works, City of Albuquerque and BernCo for creating a partnership with Employee Loan Solutions on offering employees an alternative to payday loans!  CABQ, BernCo offer employees alternative to payday loans.

Nationally, lest we forget the big issue, here is The Bad

  • While we can’t get Senator McConnell to bring any legislation to the Senate floor, Rome is burning, so to speak– on issues of importance to Americans. Among them, measures to address climate change, which could lead to infrastructure, job creation and education improvements as we prepare future workers. In a cost/benefit analysis, the cost of not doing anything is greater than the cost of working on solutions. It’s called survival.

And, of course, there’s The “Ugly”:

  • Trump’s handlers and supporters are furiously trying to backtrack on his blatant racism at the rally in North Carolina. Some say Democrats don’t know how to respond to this. Yes, we do! Call it like we see it. Racism! It’s ugly, and the GOP hates it when you call out their negative actions. Not only is it ugly, but dangerous, personally dangerous to the four women lawmakers, and also to religious, civic, NGOs, women and other communities who need to speak out against this. Trump is racist, and always has been. Trump’s racist history