Many of us realize that we are experiencing political mayhem that is unparalleled in our lifetime. On a recent newscast, NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly commented that “We’re going to need more synonyms for the word ‘unprecedented.’” Yet, in the midst of all of this unparalleled mayhem, I have hope. You, my friends, give that to me. And for that, I am eternally thankful.

Over the weekend, I canvassed for Ane Romero. It was a heartwarming experience. I met some lovely people. There were very kind people who thanked me for the work I was doing. One woman stopped her car when she saw I was canvassing to tell me that she is voting for Ane. Those conversations were very uplifting but luckily, my canvassing experience got even better.

More than once during this canvass, people told me how much they like their ward chair, Scotti Romberg. You see, my knock at their door wasn’t the first visit from a Democrat. For over two years, Scotti has been building the base of her ward and thanks to her effort, Ward 27C is developing into a vibrant welcoming democratic community. As I heard more than once this weekend, connecting with others who share democratic values brings comfort and hope. And hearing the sweet sound of hope evokes deep feelings of gratitude.

We are lucky and I am thankful that caring volunteers like Scotti, give themselves to create space for those connections to thrive. There are wonderful things happening in the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County. When the mayhem of this world swirls around us, we, who are doing this work, have an anchor of hope to steady us in this storm.

Gratefully yours in democracy, Flora Lucero, Chair Democratic Party of Bernalillo County