I believe because I have the ability, I have the responsibility to serve my community in the most impactful way that I can. In all aspects, but particularly in the criminal justice system, representation matters. Representation matters because the criminal justice system is most effective when all those involved are both understood and feel understood. My ability to understand is more than basic empathy or imaging what it could be like. My sense of understanding comes from memories and experiences. Those in the criminal justice system, both victims and defendants are often impoverished and traumatized by their upbringing.

As a first generation college graduate that grew up in poverty, I can be an example to defendants and victims that no matter how traumatic, violent,  or rough your past is, that trauma does not define the future. A Judge is required to uphold and promote the independence, integrity, and impartiality of the judiciary. When these values are upheld the community has confidence in the judiciary. These values are upheld when each and every person involved is held accountable. My experience as a prosecutor and knowledge of the ethical consideration, internal procedures and limitations will allow me to fairly hold prosecutors accountable. In working with law enforcement and litigating constitutional issues regularly will allow me to also fairly hold law enforcement accountable. Through my work with the Innocence and Project and the Public Defender’s Office, I understand the challenges and the defense perspective. That understanding combined with working with defense counsel on cases as a prosecutor will allow me to also hold defense counsel accountable

I want to be a judge because I understand fairness and equity. I understand the choices and consequences made when trying to survive a single day and those made when trying to build an impactful, meaningful life. I want to be a judge because I have seen the system succeed and fail, over and over. I have known how the impact of a single decision made by a single judge in a humble local court can last a lifetime. 

I want to be a judge because representation matters to our citizens. Representation matters in ensuring equal access to justice and equity grows through consistent daily administration of justice. Life has prepared me, from a very early age, to face the many challenges foreseeable in this role.

I wish for you to have confidence in me as an attorney. My professional skills and experiences will allow me to hit the ground running, should I secure your vote for this post. I have experience with a wide range of cases, from prosecuting felony DWI cases to property crimes to first-degree homicides. I have extensive trial experience and currently hold a supervisor position.  I have experience with every stage of a case and particularly preliminary hearings.

I wish for you know that my life’s work is and will be bound in protecting integrity of the system for which we all serve.