Secretary of State Toulouse Oliver, Attorney General Balderas Issue Voter Protection Advisory

On 10/15/2020, Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver and Attorney General Hector Balderas issued an advisory to all New Mexicans, reminding them of their right to participate in a free and fair election and providing critical information about the upcoming general election. 

Advisory Introduction: The right of each voter to cast his or her ballot free from intimidation or coercion is foundational to our democracy. Multiple statutes protect voter rights and central to these rights is maintaining order in and around the polling place. Voter intimidation and discriminatory conduct, as well as obstruction or interference at the polls, is illegal under federal and New Mexico law. Any activity that threatens, harasses or intimidates voters, including any activity that is intended to, or has the effect of, interfering with any voter’s right to vote is illegal, whether it occurs outside the polling place or inside the polling place. 

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