Below are descriptions of the in-person trainings currently available through DPBC. 

Don’t forget to check what’s available on our online learning platform in the Learning Center! 


  1. Once you choose a training, please click its link to go to the Training Request Form to provide us with details for your request.
  2. You may request training as an individual or on behalf of a group or organization. Depending on the training type, we may offer it to individuals or we may aggregate individual requests into a group training.
  3. Once you request training, we’ll contact you to verify your needs and find a date/time that works.
  4. DPBC will provide the trainer and training materials. For group training sessions, we ask that you arrange the venue, publicity and signage with assistance from DPBC as needed. 

Note: Some online courses may be prerequisites for in-person trainings. We’ll let you know if that’s the case.

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Available Training Modules: (click to see details and request-form links)

Not sure how to get started knocking doors? Want some hands-on training and suggestions for best practices? This interactive training will get you over the hump and ready to go!

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Innovative, inclusive, enhanced public campaign financing for Albuquerque elections is on the November ballot. As a party, we need to ensure this important measure, which advances our platform, is passed by Albuquerque voters.

Learn all the details at

This online service allows you to create professional emails and newsletters, build email lists of voters and volunteers and track your success in reaching and engaging them electronically.

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MiniVAN is a mobile app that allows you load VoteBuilder walk and call lists on your mobile device and either enter data as you canvass or, if you use a paper walk list, to enter data after you canvass (many people recommend this second option so that you can keep a record of your own canvassing data). In this training, you will create a user account and learn to load lists, use the various features and enter canvassing data.

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Are you a new or inexperienced Precinct Chair? Need a refresher on some of the basics? This training presents an overview of the Democratic Party structure, the role of the Precinct Chair and why that role is so important. It shares an overview of two different approaches to precinct organizing and provides tools, resources and suggested further training. Leave with a detailed resource manual, an initial plan of action and some contacts you can lean on to help you get started. To get started, check out the Precinct Chair 101 course in our online learning platform. 

Want to lead a training for Precinct Chairs in your Ward or cluster group? Use the Precinct Chair 101 PowerPoint and handouts to help new Precinct Chairs get started. Don’t want to do all the talking? Use the recorded video and pause to discuss! Email to get the materials and we’ll also help with printing costs and equipment.

This approach to organizing your precinct starts with getting to know people and building relationships outward. The training will help you build a toolbox to take back to your community. It explores the tools available to get this job done and discusses the important steps we must take to make this happen. A strong community makes our job easier, it promotes ownership in the process and, as a bonus, it makes our neighborhoods safer.

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One approach to organizing your precinct, this training helps you identify likely volunteers in your precinct and learn how to engage them. Leave with a list of potential volunteers and example scripts, letters and flyers.

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Offered through the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico (TGRCNM), this 1.5 hour training covers basic terms, definitions, and concepts. It also discusses how to begin to be a good ally to transgender and gender-nonconforming people.

Click here to go to the Transgender 101 course on our online learning platform, presented by Adrien Lawyer, Co-Founder of TGRCNM.

You can request an in-person Transgender 101 training for your group or organization through the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico:

149 Jackson Dr NE
Albuquerque, NM 87108

VoteBuilder is the software the Democratic Party uses to work with voter data, create lists of voters to contact and keep track of volunteers. If you just want some lists to use, consider submitting a request to our VoteBuilder Service Team, but if you want to dig into some of the details, analyze and enter data, and create lists for your ward or precinct, this is the training for you!

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Offered by the County Clerk, this training will certify you as a Voter Registration Agent who can register voters anytime, anywhere. This training is offered regularly by the Clerk’s Office.

Find the schedule and details here, and reserve your spot in an upcoming training session.