The NM Legislative Session is Here!

From January 16 to February 15, our state legislators will do the people’s work by submitting bills, holding votes, and passing new laws. New Mexico’s future will be greatly affected by what happens during this session.

Due to redistricting, you likely live in a different house or senate district than you did the last time you voted. So, before you get started, make sure to look up your new district.

(New house districts went into effect in 2023. New senate districts will go into effect in 2025 with this November’s election deciding who will represent you.)

Then, stay informed and engaged with some of our favorite links from the legislature’s website:

(For more info on the feature-rich website, read our recent Blue Review newsletter.)

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Getting Ready for the 2024 Pre-Primary

If you want your voice heard in 2024, the pre-primary is your first opportunity. During the pre-primary, local Democrats will help determine what candidates will appear on state-wide ballots and the order in which they’ll appear. 

To be involved, double-check your voter registration info before January 10, 2024. To vote in the pre-primary process, you need to be a registered New Mexico Democrat by that date. You can register to vote, check your registration, or update it to your current address at

We will also provide plenty of updates on these elections through all our communication channels. That makes it more essential than ever to:

(Don’t know who your ward and precinct chairs are? Email with your name and voter ID, which you can find here, and we will put you in touch with the right people.)

Stay tuned. Stay positive. Stay involved, and let’s work together to keep Bernalillo County blue!