New Blue Review Feature: Helpers

By Jake Stern-Powell

Fred Rogers implored children during a famous episode of his PBS show to look for helpers in times of great tragedy. In today’s world, it can feel like the atmosphere is choked with tragedy, and that means it’s more important than ever to look for the helpers.

With that in mind, the Blue Review is looking to highlight nonprofits connected to Bernalillo County that are making a positive impact in communities here and across the world. 

Our goal is simple: to open a window into the mission, methods, and needs of organizations working to do good in unenviable circumstances. If learning about these worthy helpers inspires you to get involved with the nonprofit, even better.

While we cannot shine a light on every deserving nonprofit, we hope to hear from you, too. If there’s a 501c3 organization whose work you believe we should highlight, please let us know at