On Memorial Day, I often go up to Santa Fe – to the national cemetery. I lay flowers for
my mother, and for my father-in-law. Everyone in my immediate family, and several in my
extended family, served in the military. Some of them went to war zones, from Korea, to
Vietnam, to the Middle East.
My family is lucky – they all came back. But we remember the many who didn’t. About
7,000 U.S. service members have been killed in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan alone.
Remember them, their sacrifice and their families.
And remember the 14,000 veterans in Bernalillo County. Some have post-traumatic
stress disorder. They deserve good mental health care.
Thank you to my brothers and sisters who served. And thank you to the families who
supported us.
Maurreen Skowran
Marine Veteran
Candidate, City Council District 8