Mask Up and Step Up

By Flora Lucero

These days, thoughts of this pandemic usually occupy space in our minds and conversations. I could state the obvious: our nation’s leadership during this time has failed Americans and the world, and that void is plunging us into a worsening health crisis, social chaos, and economic ruin. Yet, we already know that. We are living that reality. But the message I want to share is about another reality and battlefield calling us to mask up and step up to fight.

In less than three months – 90 days – the most important election of our lifetime will take place. Our democracy is at stake. In 2016, nearly 140,000,000 people voted. This year, with pandemic chaos, the postal service slowdown, and the stress placed upon states and counties left without national leadership to unify and support their efforts, it will take a miraculous effort to get 140 million people to vote. Under the current administration, our national leadership has abandoned that effort and is actively undermining confidence in our election system. Organizing the citizenry to get out and vote has fallen upon local communities. Now, more than ever before, getting out the vote is up to you and me. 

This pandemic year election will be won by sweat equity and social capital. I implore you to step up and help today. Many entities are coordinating volunteer efforts. Your help is needed to accomplish safe and meaningful work. Start now. Work steadily. Bring others with you. Our volunteer coordinators are available help you get started. Contact them here

This November 4, let’s wake up proud and victorious. We can do this! 

Yours in service,


Flora Lucero, Chair

Democratic Party of Bernalillo County