March 23rd Ward Meetings

Dear Democrat,

It’s HERE!

After four months of tedious planning, working with venue providers, shifting things around and making adjustments when and where necessary, the list of times and locations for our 58 March 23rd ward meetings has been be released. [The link to the list is shown below.] It’s still subject to a few possible minor changes (hopefully there’ll be none), so keep checking future issues of the Blue Review and Weekend Li’l Blue for items posted in red, but you can start planning for that date in late March. The list is also available on the website.

Please remember that if you are elected as a ward or precinct chair, those positions are far more than just a vote on the County Central Committee. They’re part-time jobs. Unpaid jobs, to be sure, but jobs nevertheless. You’ll have the responsibility of getting your ward or precinct organized by reaching out to your neighbors, starting on March 24th, to build your neighborhood into a small political powerhouse with the ability to turn out the vote for Democrats in 2020. You’ll be the first people who will be called upon to canvass and phone bank when the 2020 campaign heats up. And it WILL get heated! There’ll be a lot of work to be done over the next two years.

This is not a time for people to be getting elected just to get a vote on the County Central Committee to get themselves or friends elected to the State Central Committee. This is not a time for people to be getting elected just to have a title. This is a time for people to be ready to roll up their shirtsleeves and get down to work, to make the 2018 Blue Wave that washed away so many Republican incumbents look like a small ripple. This is a time to help turn Bernalillo County completely blue!

Let’s keep working together!

Bill Peifer
Chair, Democratic Party of Bernalillo County
505-463-7045 (Text Please)

P.S. – For those of you who might have missed it, here is the NEW link to the 2019/2020 DPBC County Central Committee Apportionment. The complete list of time and locations for the March 23 Ward Meetings is here.