Major corporations give hundreds of thousands to anti-abortion politicians

If there’s one thing we know about large powerful corporations, it’s that what they say and what they do are two very different things.

Outwardly, most major corporations are more than happy to claim they care about women’s lives and health. But when it comes to the type of politicians they support financially through our broken campaign finance system, we can see that they care about nothing more than their profits:

Those six corporations have tossed tens of thousands of dollars at politicians who are responsible for criminalizing a woman’s right to choose, and passing laws that punish doctors who provide abortions more harshly than people convicted of rape.

It displays, now more than ever, that our campaign finance system desperately needs reform. Will you contribute to bolster progressive candidates that will fight for reproductive rights and to change the system?

Corporate PACs have allowed representatives to ignore working-class demands, violate the will of voters, and pander to powerful entrenched interests. They give corporate-friendly candidates war chests of cash to use on re-election, and stamp down on progressive challengers who would dare to hold them accountable.

The whole system needs to change. Walmart and Aetna should never be able to buy out our representation — and with your help, we can make that a reality.

In solidarity,

Justice Democrats