Local Party Trainings

Dear Democrat,

This Thursday evening (6 PM, Plumbers & Pipefitters) and Saturday Morning (10 AM, Central/Unser Library) will be our next two “Next-Gen Orientation” trainings. Focusing primarily on the party’s organizational structure, these sessions are specifically designed for individuals interested in getting involved in the official party structure for the first time, but several of our more experienced ward and precinct officers have found the information to be useful, as well. This will be the last week that those trainings will be offered live, although you will still be able to download the PDF version of the training’s PowerPoint presentation from our web site until at least April 6th.

In March we’ll have three training sessions for ward chairs and those who are thinking of running for ward chair, but other individuals are welcome and encouraged to attend, as well. The dates and locations are listed below, in the article entitled “Ward Chair Training and Packet Pickup”. This is a training on how to properly conduct the ward meeting on March 23rd, including the Appendix A voting process that many of our precincts will need to use for their precinct elections. If you are currently a precinct chair, or are planning to become on for 2019 and 2020, please check the Apportionment Report (link in the “P.S.” below) to see if your precinct will need to use Appendix A for its election. If your precinct is apportioned three or more CCC members (including the precinct chair) and more people run for the precinct’s positions than are apportioned, then your precinct will elect its members using Appendix A.

I need to point out that the five trainings I’ve discussed above are the ONLY official trainings being offered by the party. This year, as was the case both last year and the year before, there are candidates and groups that are offering their own trainings on how to best support an individual or group of individuals who are running for one of the various party offices. If you choose to attend one of those trainings you should be aware of the fact that these trainings have not been reviewed, and are not authorized, by the party. They may be very good trainings or they may contain inaccurate information. We don’t know. In the past a few of the many independent trainings have contained misinformation that resulted in problems at ward meetings because some individuals thought that they’d been properly trained, subsequently didn’t attend the official trainings where the accurate information had been presented and were confused by the process and by “alternative facts”.

Let’s keep working together!

Bill Peifer

Chair, Democratic Party of Bernalillo County

505-463-7045 (Text Please)

P.S. – Here is the NEW link to the 2019/2020 DPBC County Central Committee Apportionment.