Important CCC Meeting

Dear Democrat,

Older Dems might recall what would often happen if an old-fashioned vinyl record would get a little nick in it. It would play just fine, up to just before the very best part of a song and then it would start repeating a few words. Over, and over, and over . . . So, please excuse me if I start to sound like a broken record over the next few weeks, but I can’t overemphasize the importance of our upcoming County Central Committee meeting on April 6th, the importance of the ward and precinct meetings on March 23rd to determine who votes at that CCC meeting or, most importantly right now, the three pre-meeting trainings on March 9th, 14th and 16th.

Although they’re being announced as “Ward Chair Training and Packet Pickup” (see the notification below) these are invaluable trainings for everyone who wants to be involved in the process at any level. Yes, we absolutely want every incumbent and prospective ward chair to attend. Attending at least one of the three trainings is an absolute “must” for anyone who might be running their ward meeting! There have been changes to the DPNM Rules over the last two years that impact how your precinct elections will be conducted, so even older ward chairs, who may have presided over their meetings a dozen times already, will need to understand the changes.

But the trainings aren’t just for those who we expect will be running the meetings. It’s important that all participants in the process, if at all possible, understand it for several reasons. First, there is always the remote chance that your ward chair will be unable to attend on March 23rd themselves. Emergencies do happen. So, we need to have a minimum of one member of the ward trained and competent to run the meeting in their absence. In situations where I know beforehand that a ward’s chair will be unable to attend I will need to designate an acting ward chair, selected from a list of ward members who had attended. Secondly, these elections can sometimes be complex, so having additional people trained provides for extra help for the ward chair, and to reinforce him or her as they work through the process.

Cheryl, Tom and I will all be on call on March 23rd to answer questions as they come up, or even visiting your site to help out if it becomes absolutely necessary, but having a ward full of people who have been through the training and understand the process is the best way to take care of questions on site without the delays that calling with questions or having one of us visit your location would entail.

Let’s keep working together!

Bill Peifer

Chair, Democratic Party of Bernalillo County
505-463-7045 (Text Please)