Immigrants–The Future of USA Depends on Them

By Shirley Gallegos

History-or maybe fate-has a tendency to make ironic twists in events. You may know that in the 1950s, Senator Joe McCarthy and his lawyer, Roy Cohn, whipped the nation in anti-communist fervor. Many people’s careers were ruined by his attacks and false accusations. McCarthy’s own career was damned after his attacks on the U.S. Army, and its attorney Joseph Welch met McCarthy head-on with his statement, “….Have you no sense of decency?”

McCarthy died in ignominy shortly thereafter but 20 years later in the 1970s, Cohn’s ruthlessness found a new student in Donald J. Trump.

No doubt timing is everything, but sometimes events build to a crescendo that makes a single event seem like a flashpoint. If we are wise, however, we can do the same with repeated good deeds thatbuild a sense of community. It’s only when we act together that we achieve great things. History proves that out. Animals–like bees and wolves–also prove that cooperation provides results that benefit the whole group. We must remember this because…

This Sunday, July 14, might be a flashpoint for the Trump administration which threatened immigration raids by ICE. The terror he inflicted at the border has spread to those already in the U.S., no doubt to fan the flames of racism for his base.

Yet, it’s important for Americans to know that immigrants represent the future for the U.S. Beyond that, it is inhumane to treat others as this administration has. No doubt the immigration system needs reform, but even without reform, we should acknowledge
the truth about undocumented immigrants and taxes and what they contribute to our society.

With U.S. birth rates declining, Social Security depends on the taxes from immigrants. The U.S. will benefit from the workforce of the new Americans. Supporting their cause is right and it is just. There is no better time to ask the same question of this administration that was asked of McCarthy years ago: “Have you no decency!”