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Have a plan for this summer? How about Milwaukee in July?

Milwaukee doesn’t often appear on lists of extra-busy travel destinations, but 2020 promises to be the exception. With the Democratic National Convention taking place July 13 -16, the city expects to welcome something like 50,000 visitors – including candidates and their staffs, delegates, volunteers, members of the media, donors, and others gathering in town to attend 1,500 events in just four days. 

The convention is a formal proceeding where delegates will vote on the Democratic Party platform, rules and, of course, the presidential and vice presidential nominees.  The platform vote will probably happen early in the week, and could be more interesting than usual this year, as the party sorts out priorities. During ensuing days, the candidates have their chance to present themselves not only to convention attendees but also to everyone in the world who is watching. 

We can’t know now who it will be, but at the end of the gathering, we’ll have an official Democratic challenger to President Donald Trump in the 2020 election. The July advantage? Since the convention is being held early in comparison to past occasions, there will be more time for Democrats to leave behind any differences and come together in support of the party’s chosen during the weeks and months leading up to November.  And more time for undecided voters anywhere in America to embrace our Democratic nominees and their vision for the future.

Do you see yourself in Milwaukee, representing New Mexico on this historic occasion? If so, we have important information for you: From mid-March through mid-April, Hayden Cuffman, Party Affairs Director for the Democratic Party of New Mexico, will be providing training sessions here in Bernalillo County on “How to Be a Delegate to the Democratic National Convention” If interested, click on for a list of times and places when and where you might attend, as well as a link to register.