Grassroots people with big ideas! We need you!

Grassroots people with big ideas! We need you!

The Democratic Party’s platform develops from the ideas of grassroots activists who put their ideals into words via resolutions that proclaim the policy positions the Democratic Party supports. The resolutions give a strong answer to the question “What makes you a Democrat?”

The DPBC Resolutions Committee currently has 28 vacancies to be filled through nomination of ward chairs.

Do you want the Democratic Party to take a stand on an issue that is not in the platform yet? Do you think the Democratic Party needs to take a stronger position on an issue? Do you think the Democratic Party should abandon part of its platform? If so, then contact your Ward Chair and tell him or her that you want to serve on the DPBC’s Resolutions Committee! We have a lot of work to do before and on December 7, 2019 when resolutions begin vying for consideration, so contact your Ward Chair today!

Your Ward Chair will then contact DPBC Chair Flora Lucero and her newly appointed Resolutions Committee Chair, Brendan O’Reilly (Ward 18D), so that you can fill the vacancy for your Ward. If your Ward already has a Resolutions Committee member, don’t despair!!! Brendan and the Resolutions Committee need your help! For more information, text Brendan at 505-255-1597.

Below is a list of wards with vacancies on the resolutions committee. To find your ward and precinct, you can check the maps at under “Wards & Precincts.”

If you want to help craft policy positions for presentment to the DPBC, to the Democratic Party of New Mexico, and to the Democratic National Committee, the county Resolutions Committee is the place where the action is! We need hard workers to help Democrats draft resolutions to embody core Democratic principles and ideals. We need folks who enjoy studying issues and framing arguments for mass appeal. We need you!

These wards need a resolutions committee member: 14A, 15A; 16B and C;17 A, B and C; 18A, B and C; 19C; 20B; 21A and B; 22A; 23A, B and C; 24B and C; 25B and C; 26A and B; 27B; 28A, B and C.