Focus on: Meredith Dixon

Focus on: Vote for Meredith Dixon to Hold the Democratic Seat! NM House, District 20

By Representative Abbas Akhil

We are at a crucial crossroad in our country – and I would not have thought how much a small part – NM House District 20 – could matter in this situation. But it will matter, because the struggle to save the soul of our country, its very essence, comes down to every one of us. Never before have our individual voices carried as much weight as they will in this next election. We are in the midst of an unchecked pandemic, we have Black Lives Matter demonstrations for racial justice and equity, and our economy is tanking. The total absence of steady, empathetic leadership in Washington has brought us to this crossroad – it is now up to each one of us to put America back on the right path. That is why I am writing to convey my endorsement of Meredith Dixon and why I believe she is the right candidate to hold on to our seat in the NM House of Representatives.

Having served with US Senator Tom Udall and Speaker Brian Egolf, Meredith brings the right experience to serve in the House – much more than I did when I entered my race in 2018. And she has the compassion to do the right thing at this time. As the mother of two young daughters, she prioritizes education, economy, and environment. She knows how these will shape future lives. She is aware of the need to protect and preserve our environment so that her daughters and all children can live in a state with clean air and clean water. She is aware that we need to recover from the damage that COVID-19 has done to our economy – the businesses that have shut down and the jobs that have been lost. And she will work to restore this economy in the most equitable way, so that her daughters and all the sons and daughters of our state can have well-paying jobs and make careers in New Mexico, instead of seeking opportunities elsewhere.

I am serving only one term, but I know the work that remains to be done in energy, education, and economy. I am confident that this work will carry on with Meredith in the Roundhouse to share my vision. In 2018, Democratic voters stepped up to support my candidacy and won me a seat against all odds. It was a race that was supposed to be un-winnable, but we turned that around and together, pulled off the impossible with a mere 114 votes out of the 11,000+ that were cast. I am asking you to do this again and vote in even greater numbers to hold the District 20 seat for Meredith Dixon.