Focus on: Courtney Weaks for District Court Judge, Second Judicial District, Division 15

Courtney Bryn Weaks
District Court Judge,
Second Judicial 
District, Division 15

Watch our DPBC special program on Community Safety and the Judiciary, featuring an in-depth discussion with Courtney Weaks:

When Courtney Weaks dons her judicial robe, she’s prepared to do much more than get through the daily docket. She’s concerned with understanding root causes that bring people to commit crimes – and with applying effective plans to intervene, reduce repeats, improve outcomes for individuals and families, and increase community safety overall.  

As the Presiding Judge of the Metropolitan Court’s Specialty Court Programs, Judge Weaks has been closely involved with programs that focus on treatment and recovery related to addiction, mental health, homelessness, and domestic violence. These programs also serve specific populations such as the Community Veteran’s Court and the Urban Native American Healing to Wellness Court. 

Judge Weaks also serves as an executive of Bernalillo County’s Criminal Justice Coordinating Council’s (BCCJCC) Subcommittee on Reintegration and Reentry. The purpose of this committee is to ensure that the most vulnerable members of our society that suffer from serious mental illness are being diverted from the criminal justice system. The goal is to identify these individuals and offer intensive case management and psychiatric services so they do not make future contact with the criminal justice system. 

Now in the running for District Court Judge, Courtney Weaks will bring to that next bench her same strong dedication to thinking and working “outside the box.” We asked her what qualities she felt would be most important to carry forward. She answered: “Empathy to meet people where they are, and get beyond implicit bias. With that, toughness to incarcerate when necessary to protect the community. And steady demeanor – being able to put aside a personal mood, for example, and be consistent in your behavior and approach to the work.” 

This is a judiciary candidate truly prepared to view the people who come before her with humanity, and to consider the big picture of community safety that includes the courts, police, social services, and city councils. Knowing there’s no single, simple answer to crime, she believes in building partnerships with all the stakeholders. Such qualities and views, in combination with extraordinary commitment, make Courtney Weaks the best choice for District Court Judge, Second Judicial District, Division 15.

Watch our DPBC special program on Community Safety featuring an in-depth discussion with Courtney Weaks: