Focus on: Claudia Risner for NM Senate District 19 (East Mountains and beyond)

Focus on: Claudia Risner for NM Senate District 19 (East Mountains and beyond)

By Diane McCash

Claudia Risner will bring a lot to our NM legislature’s table, beginning with impressive leadership experience as a senior naval officer. Over a 29-year career, Risner had four commands and led people in accomplishing missions in Base Support, Military Sealift, Personnel Support, and Maritime Civil Affairs and Expeditionary Training. She was stationed overseas for 9 years and specialized in liaising with allied navies and in advising our Ambassadors as a Foreign Area Officer in Southeast Asia and in Europe. With a proven record of leadership and a passion to serve, this candidate rises head and shoulders above her competition.

To say that it is important to elect Claudia Risner to the NM State Senate is an understatement. This race is key for her constituents in District 19 and for all New Mexicans, no matter their party affiliation. Her opponent, Gregg Schmedes, is against gun control, against raising the minimum wage, against reproductive rights – and strongly for reduced government and a “free market” approach to healthcare plans. If ever there was a time to think policy and not politics, this is it.

On the economy. Risner has a multi-faceted plan to build on New Mexico’s “tremendous potential for growth and (economic) diversification…” With unpredictable gas and oil revenues and a mandated transition to renewable energy, it is vital that New Mexico’s leaders be focused, effective, and proactive. Risner’s plan includes creating jobs that build our rural infrastructure and support New Mexico’s transition to renewable energy – as well as policies that would encourage job creation and small business startups in the private sector.

On water and the environment. As a State Senator, Risner “will work on Water Plans legislation to mitigate our risks for drought and fires in our communities.” She is currently involved in regenerative agriculture with the Healthy Soil Working Group. Building environmental resilience and addressing climate change are also priorities. Risner does not shy away from the inconvenient realities we must all face, realities that affect our collective and individual economies and wellbeing. This is the kind of leadership needed in these times.

On health care and safety. Claudia Risner supports data and science-based health care and public health decisions. Her goals include reducing costs for medicine and health insurance and prioritizing “creative economic solutions to get our small businesses through this tough time.”

On education. Risner will prioritize the diversification of our economy to create a more stable funding base for education. She vows to never vote to cut education funding: “I believe education is the foundation of our children’s lives, our workforce, and a better future for New Mexico.”