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Slack Intro

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Slack is a collaboration tool that can help you work more efficiently and effectively with your ward or precinct team. 

Rather than creating our own course materials, we have chosen to share some of the great resources available already online (see “Online Slack Resources” below).

Then, we have a team of Bernalillo County volunteers who are proficient Slack users who are available to meet or talk with you to help answer your questions and get you up and running!

Online Slack Resources:

This resource is set up as 8 lessons to show you the basics of Slack with walkthroughs, tips, and videos for how to get connected, stay organized and get to work.

This starter explanation is part of deep resources available from the Slack Help Center. Lots of links here to more info.

Here you’ll find loads of videos in various categories to help you understand the purpose of Slack and how to use it effectively.

Are you stuck or want some help to get started? Connect with one of our Slack Training Team members here in Bernalillo County to help you get rolling: