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MailChimp Intro

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MailChimp is a powerful tool to help you keep in touch with your ward or precinct residents and volunteers. From simple text emails to beautiful newsletters, Mailchimp can make it simple and help you track who is reading your messages and who might need more follow-up.

Rather than creating our own course materials, we have chosen to share some of the great resources available already online (see “Online MailChimp Resources” below).

Then, we have a team of Bernalillo County volunteers who are proficient MailChimp users who are available to meet or talk with you to help answer your questions and get you up and running!

Online MailChimp Resources:

This 3-part intro to MailChimp covers all the basics. Part 1 and Part 3 will help you get your account set up and learn to build a newsletter. Part 2 (creating a subscription form) is not likely to be necessary in most ward or precinct applications.

This resource will show you how to import your ward or precinct contacts into your MailChimp audience (not addressed in detail in the MailChimp 101 above).

An overview of audience basics and how to manage your audience.

“Campaigns” are what emails sent out to your subscribers are called in MailChimp. This resource will help you learn the basics of email design.

Are you stuck or want some help to get started? Connect with one of our MailChimp Training Team members here in Bernalillo County to help you get rolling: