Community Outreach Committee

Hello, my name is Samuel Nevarez. I am delighted to be the Community Outreach Committee (COC) Chairman.

I have been involved with the party since March 2019 because of my interest in environmental and human rights issues. I asked my friend Brendon Jaramillo, “How do I get involved?” and he suggested that I attend a Grassroots Training where I met Flora Lucero. I’ve volunteered for her campaign for county party chair and am pleased to be part Democratic Party of Bernalillo County’s support for Flora’s vision for making the blue wave into a tsunami.

The COC locates community events in Bernalillo County. We, the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County (DPBC), can engage the community by sharing candidate platforms, distributing information specific to events and registering new voters. Our vision as your COC is to be as inclusive as possible through our dedication. Our purpose is to connect with the community and build connections among voters to realize and build our power.

The COC is a growing committee.  We are currently looking for volunteers who know Bernalillo County like the backs of their hands, who are willing to talk to diverse types of people and who find it fun to connect with the community. To volunteer and be part of this committee please go online and submit a volunteer request form at ​​.

If you need our COC team at any Community events coming up, please submit your request for a COC team’s attendance here:

To check out any upcoming events that COC is going to participate in please check out our Community Calendar for 2019:

Thank you,
Samuel Nevarez
Chair, Community Outreach Committee