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Chase Jacque-Maynes: First Vice Chair

¡Buenos días! My name is Chase Jacques-Maynes (he/him/Él). Thank you for electing me to be the youngest ever First Vice Chair of the DPBC!

When I moved to New Mexico in 2023, I could not have imagined all the close friends, beautiful community, and wonderful opportunities I have found. I am honored to accept this position and am thankful for everyone who have helped me get here.

I am a UNM student working toward a degree in Political Science, with plans to graduate in Spring of 2025. Getting involved with the leadership of organizations like the UNM Dems and UNM Leaders for Environmental Action and Foresight (LEAF) has been some of the most fulfilling experiences of my time in college.

Shadowing Representative Chasey for several days during the session in January gave me an up-close experience of the legislative session. I have had the chance to work on two state Senate campaigns, gaining experience in the field and doing the work of knocking doors and phone banking that sets Democrats apart. I am an involved member of both the Young Democrats of New Mexico (YDNM) and Youth United for Climate Crisis Action (YUCCA).

To connect more with my Hispanic heritage and improve my Spanish, I will be taking my studies of political science abroad to Puebla, México for the Fall of 2024.

I am further honored to be a rare recipient of the Fred Harris Congressional Internship, and will be going to Washington DC to work for a New Mexico Congressperson in the Spring of 2025, the same semester I will graduate.

My post-bachelor’s career goals are to serve the community here in New Mexico and run for elected office when I’m ready. My policy interests are AI safety, racial justice, environmental sustainability, safeguarding democracy, youth rights, pandemic preparedness, and global humanitarianism.

Now, with this role as First Vice Chair of DPBC, I am excited to support and engage Democrats across the county in building a strong, interconnected countywide Democratic network.

As an 18-year-old youth leader, I have the unique combination of passion, time, and energy to do great work for DPBC, and I hope you are as excited as I am for the next few months and years! Fired up! Ready to go!