I’m Carlos Scarborough and I ask for your support in placing me on the ballot this November in seeking the Metropolitan Court Judicial Vacancy in Division 16. I started my legal career in 2006, working as an associate in a private law firm here in Albuquerque but that didn’t last long. I had a calling for public service. I applied to the public defender’s office and worked in the metro division for several years before leaving to open my own law office which I successfully ran for eight years here in Albuquerque, handling personal injury, criminal defense, estate planning and property work.

When I left the public defender’s office, my father, who is an attorney, was nearing retirement and I wanted to practice with him. I was fortunate to learn from him and have the opportunity to work with him. I then had a calling to run for metro judge in 2014. I ran against the Republican appointee. I met many wonderful people campaigning around Bernalillo County and I learned a great deal. I’ll never forget the experience.

It was around this time that my mother was undergoing chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. She improved for a short time but the cancer metastasized and spread to her liver. My wife and I cared for her at our home until she passed. We were blessed to have shared those difficult moments together with her. Unfortunately, as life goes, my wife was in the hospital undergoing a lumpectomy procedure the day my mother died at our home. A couple of months later, Anna had a double mastectomy. Today, Anna is healthy and strong and I’m grateful and blessed to have her in my life.

Shortly after Anna finished with chemotherapy, we decided that I get back into public service and I again applied to the public defender’s office where I currently work as a supervising attorney in the Metro Division. I enjoy training and supervising new attorneys and every year I have at least one extern under my supervision.

I’m seeking this position because I enjoy working with people. I believe in people. I believe that I can help people make better decisions in order to make a difference in their lives. I want to help redirect first-time offenders out of the system, especially youthful offenders. I want to help protect our citizens and make Bernalillo County a better, safer place to live, to raise a family, to work, to enjoy. I know Metro Court, I know the issues, I know the people. Having been raised in Espanola, I can relate to the majority of people who come before the Court. I have the experience, the knowledge and the demeanor to serve as a fair, law abiding judge. I come from a family of dedicated public servants. My grandfather and father were both district court judges in the First Judicial District. My father was then elected to serve the citizens of New Mexico on the New Mexico Supreme Court. I’m proud to have this opportunity. I would be honored to carry on my family’s public service.

Over the years, I’ve represented more and more elderly clients and as a judge, I would like to start an Elder Court Program to address the needs of this population, to provide the resources specific to the elderly and help them to gain easier access to the court, its programs, probation, etc.

I currently have the honor of being a member of the Community Veteran’s Court Program at Metro Court. This program provides mental health and substance abuse treatment and resources to veterans. I’m also involved in a pilot project called STEPS, where defendant’s who are on probation and commit violations, receive more therapeutic sanctions rather than just jail. This is helpful especially for first-time offenders and for those who suffer from addiction.

I’ve volunteered at the Roadrunner Food bank and with Big Brothers Big Sisters. I served as vice president for my neighborhood association and I’m a former member of the Penitent Brotherhood. I like running in the mountains and wood carving and Anna and I like to hang out with our niece and nephew and watch Netflix.

It would be an honor to serve the citizens of Bernalillo County and I ask for your support in nominating me this November. Please feel free to contact me at carlosscarborough@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you.