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Know the Candidates, Know the Challenges

When it comes to November, Dems across the country are looking ahead and seeing blue. Here in New Mexico, we have a confident start – thanks to strong Dem incumbents in our state legislature, judiciary and many other important offices. But that doesn’t mean we can sit back. From Washington D.C. to our local county courtrooms, Democratic candidates need your vote – and your help getting out the vote – to hold on to our seats of office and overturn even more.

Dems Up and Down the Ballot

Here’s your link to all the candidates who are counting on our support in their bids for federal, state, and local offices in November.

Priority Races: Seats to Flip, Seats to Hold

Every Friday, now through early fall, our newsletter will focus on fresh Democratic contenders seeking to occupy currently Republican-held territory. And on Democratic incumbents we know have a fight on their hands.

Select below to see articles on candidates we’ve covered so far:

New Mexico Senate

Katy Duhigg, SD 10
Bill Tallman, SD 18
Claudia Risner, SD 19
Martin Hickey, SD 20
Athena Christodoulou, SD 21
Harold Pope, Jr, SD 23
Liz Stefanics, SD 39

New Mexico House of Representatives

Dayan Hochman-Vigil, HD 15
Meredith Dixon, HD 20
Jessica Velasquez, HD 22
Daymon Ely, HD 23
Liz Thomson, HD 24
Marian Matthews, HD 27
Melanie Ann Stansbury, HD 28
Joy Garratt, HD 29
Julie Ford Brenning, HD 31
Karen Bash, HD 68

County Offices

Wende Schwingendorf, CC 4 

Public Regulation/County Commissioner

Cynthia Hall, PRC Commissioner